Elwe 12th level lawful evil wizard

Elwe was my first ever RPG character. Rolled up back in the ancient days of Dungeons & Dragons first edition (maybe even earlier) Elwe is probably my most complex and troubled character. Originally a lawful good wizard who planned to save the world from evil, his story gets complicated when his best friend is killed by a giant scorpion and Elwe is unable to raise him from the dead through a series of unlikely spell failures until there was nothing left for Elwe to work with.

Elwe eventually went insane and still believes himself to be lawful good, but has become an almost total sociopath, caring for nothing but his own goals and desires.

Unfortunately Elwe has not been played for decades, although I still maintain him as an active PC and intend to get him back into a game at some point. With each new release I’ve converted Elwe to the latest version of wizard, although I have not yet completed the Pathfinder conversion.

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