3Oaks #6: Toasted kobold and giant scorpions [Level 2!]

Real-world date: October 12, 2006
Hanorian date: StockTend 12th (still, been about 8 hours since you entered
the lair so far).
Moon phase: two days from full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Afternoon showers, building into thunderstorms about 50% of the

(DM’s note – I messed up the date on the last two DM’s notes, I said it was StockTend 10th, but it was StockTend 12th. I’ve corrected that here.)

The group picked up the activity immediately after they had thrown the red liquid into the room through the arrow slit and we started the campaign with the group in the hallway outside the room, far enough back to avoid the heat of the flames and the smoke.

As the flames in the room died down, the group ate their lunch, a decision they were soon to regret. As they ate their lunch a huge boulder came crashing down at the end of the hall in front of the door into the room which they set aflame. Butterchin suspected that the kobolds had set off some trap which missed the group, but it wasn’t clear exactly what happened. Still the door was now inaccessible. (Trap #1 avoided) Euha did notice at this time that the wall behind the wooden planks on this hallway were stone, not packed earth, and in fact seemed to be stone that had been magically altered from the packed dirt.

After completing lunch and waiting for the flames to die down, Euha and Butterchin decided that the fire may have weakened the wall where the arrow slits were and they kicked a hole in the wall to gain access to the room. (I’m going to consider this the same xp as an unlocked door). The room was mostly empty except for a burned up crossbow that seemed to have been pointed at the door (Trap #2 avoided), and two burned kobolds. The stench of the burned kobold bodies proved too much for the group, and all of them soon lost their recently eaten lunches. (However this confirmed their previous kill of 2 kobolds)

A search of the burned kobolds turned up some broken glass fragments and a few silver and copper pieces.

Alec turned his attention to a door on the other side of the room and discovered that it was barred from the other side. Judging the door to be too thick and strong to break down, the group was debating their next steps when Belvin, who had remained in the hallway heard a skittering, chittering sound. Belvin immediately entered the room with the rest of the group and told them what he heard.

Euha then took a position at the broken in wall just in time to come face to face with a monstrous scorpion. The scorpion was soon joined by three huge biting flies. Euha went toe-to-claw with the scorpion as the flies buzzed into the room. Butterchin took out two of the flies and Euha managed to avoid serious damage, as well as the scorpion’s poisonous sting, and all four prodigious arthropods were soon dispatched. (1 medium monstrous scorpion, 3 small monstrous biting flies).

The group then decided to head back down the hallway where they discovered the secret door behind the crossbow (where they had seen the two kobolds with shield and sword) had been closed. Choosing not to open it, they instead headed back towards the temple room and re-opened the secret door into that hallway. Passing the door to the temple, Alec suddenly gave out a cry and disappeared in a cloud of dust. Euha soon realized that Alec had just managed to grab the edge of the pit opening as he was falling in, and was dangling by his fingertips above a black, gaping hole in the floor. Buzzing, as of giant flies, could be heard from the area below. Euha hauled Alec back up. (Trap #3 survived)

Butterchin noticed that the wall across from the temple door (also stone) had something odd about it, and he, Euha and Alec all examined the area, but could find nothing beyond their suspicion that there was something odd about it.

With a gaping pit in front of them, and the choice of a smelly door or a burned and blockaded set of doors behind them, the group decided to re-enter the temple. Alec found the door locked, but successfully unlocked it (Door unlock #1) Upon entering the temple Euha caught a brief glimpse of a reptilian quadraped leaving the temple through the opposite door. After a brief discussion the group decided to follow the beast.

Upon heading out that door, they found themselves back in the corridor where Alec had initially discovered the arrow slit ambush. As they did this, Alec activated a second trigger to the crossbow trap which had hit him before (no xp for this since the trap had already been triggered and Alec did not discover it. Had he successfully discovered it, I would have awarded xp even though it had already been triggered).

Upon reaching the end of this hallway, Alec found the exit hole of the crossbow bolt that had been triggered in their initial foray in to the corridor. Soon enough he found the secret lever which opened the door to the crossbow trap. Instead of an alcove, this revealed a hidden corridor that the team soon realized was used to provide access to the ambush arrow slits they had encountered earlier. A second corridor also headed to their left. Entering the area, they closed the secret door behind them.

After determining that the right-hand corridor simply led back to the arrow slits, they moved to the left where Alec soon discovered the floor to be covered in straw and twigs. As they proceeded down the corridor they saw a flickering glow coming from ahead, and heard a snuffling sound. When they were just about to reach the corner, a torch was suddenly flung down the hallway ahead and the floor erupted into flame. Alec made a successful saving throw and so received only half damage from the flames, but the rest of the team immediately suffered full fire damage as they scampered back to the arrow slit area as the flames burned in the hallway ahead. (Trap #4 survived, barely)

Dispirited already by the flames and the damage to their clothes and hair, Belvin soon informed them that he was looking at a kobold in the hallway through the arrow slit. That kobold was soon replaced by a reptilian quadraped, who snuffled along the floor right up to the secret door, followed by a spear-equipped kobold, and a kobold who had no weapons in his hands.

At this point Butterchin handed the last kobold healing potion to Alec who drank it and immediately felt better, and then cast his final cure light wounds spell on Euha. Unfortunately the kobolds in the hallway heard this. Deciding a fight was inevitable Euha then opened the secret door and attacked the quadraped who was in the lead.

The battle was short, and indecisive. Euha’s blow glanced off a bony plate on the quadraped’s side, the first kobold threw his spear at Euha, missing him, Alec moved to one of the arrow slits and fired a crossbow bolt which hit the lead kobold. The trailing, unarmed kobold, uttered something in Draconian, pointed his scaly index claw and a magic missile pierced Euha. Belvin attempted to strike the kobold with his staff but failed. At this point the two kobolds and the quadraped turned and fled back down the hallway.

The group again closed the secret door, and keeping an eye out for returning kobolds, ate a second lunch, replacing the one they had deposited in the burned out room an hour or so earlier. Then, with the flames now subsided to just a few flickers on the floor, they headed back down the hallway.

As they came to the corner, with Alec now leading the group by about ten feet, Alec saw two kobolds and a quadraped leap across the pit that he had almost fallen into earlier, and run down the corridor and out of sight. Alec informed the group of this and they concluded this was likely to be the same group they had already fought.

Now moving much more cautiously, they began to follow the kobolds and heard a door close up ahead. Alec discovered yet another crossbow trap which had already been triggered in another alcove to the side of the hallway. Moving further down the hallway, Alec led by ten feet and the three other group members followed close together. When Alec reached the end of the hall, three spears shot out from the wall where the other three group members were, striking Euha. The group crowded into the end of the corridor away from the now revealed arrow slits (Ambush #1). The end of the corridor held opposing doors. Alec was unable to unlock the one to the left. He soon heard the sound of feet running past the door on the other side. The group reasoned that the kobolds had abandoned their ambush and had moved to some more defensible location. During this time Euha decided that the blue liquid in the remaining vial they had recovered from the temple room must be a more powerful healing potion and drank it. Other than feeling pretty good, he noticed no healing effects.

Alec then successfully unlocked the door (Door unlock #2). The door revealed additional corridors and doorways ahead. One corridor led back to the arrow slit ambush positions, a door immediately ahead and to the right revealed a long hallway with a door at its end, and directly ahead was an intersection of corridors with a door directly ahead. While Alec was checking this out, he heard the sounds of battle in the distance. Then they went back to the door on the left of the corridor which Alec soon unlocked (Door unlock #3) and opened to find themselves face to face with a kobold. They soon dispatched this kobold. (Kobold #3, counting the two discovered dead already). Entering the room they searched the kobold and found nothing but a few silver and copper pieces. The room contained targets along one wall for thrown or missile weapons, and dummies along the opposite wall for spear and sword practice. The middle of the room contained two concentric circles. The group reasoned that this room must have been used for martial arts training by the kobolds. A search of the room turned up nothing of value. The room had a second door on the other side.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

3 kobolds = 225 xp
1 medium monstrous scorpion = 300xp
3 monstrous biting flies = 150 xp
4 traps avoided or survived = 200 xp
1 ambush survived = 50 xp
3 doors unlocked = 75 xp (I just think you deserve xp for opening a lock)
1 wall kicked in = 25 xp

Other xp:

I have to give you guys xp for turning the tables on the kobolds and using their own ambush arrow slits against them. I’ll say 100xp for that because it was so cool.

That totals 1,125 xp (your best to date, but that’s misleading since you actually killed two of the kobolds in your last session and just confirmed their deaths this time).

That’s 281 xp each. Added to your existing 719 xp, that gives 1,000 xp exactly. Which means you all level up. By the thinnest of all possible margins (I really didn’t expect you to.)


We’ll have to roll hit points and work out other level up things when we get together next week.

Other notes:

DM mistakes:

I probably was a bit too literal in some of the things that happened tonight. I didn’t grant you guys any favors when I could have. I probably should have changed that blue potion into a healing potion just because that would have helped you all out. But I didn’t. I am beginning to think that this lair is not designed well. Not that it is too complex or too strange, it’s just too hard to get a good fight going. Too many tight corners and long hallways. I’ll take that into consideration for future dungeon designs.

Other notes:

I’ll have to look up the level up rules to see what happens. Not sure if you’ll have to rest first to have them take effect. I’ll know by the time we play again. Maybe it’s DM discretion.

You are pretty deep into the lair now. It’s probably fair to say that you have advanced far enough that you might have expected to run into Lupe by now. Paradoxically, although you have traveled long distances down dark corridors, you have only entered five rooms in the lair, the initial guard room, the guard’s sleep room (which really shouldn’t even qualify as a “room” it’s more of an “alcove”) the temple, the trap room that burst into flame, and finally, the martial training room. It seems like you’ve done a lot more than that, but you have passed by a few doors you chose not to open, and you probably have passed by some secret or concealed doors you didn’t recognize. I’m surprised you’ve gotten as far as you have and have been in so few rooms. There are at least three rooms I thought you would have entered by now that you have not.

You now know that there is a kobold wizard or sorcerer in the lair. Coupled with your strong suspicion that there is also a kobold shaman or cleric, you are likely to encounter two spell casters at least.

You did not encounter any of the kobolds with swords and shields tonight. You know there’s at least two of them.

It’s looking like you are running out of spells, although Belvin did not cast any spells tonight. I hope that’s not because I reinforced the tendency to husband spells too much. I think that it would have been a good move tonight to have cast sleep on the two kobolds and the quadraped in the hallway. Belvin was perfectly positioned to do that, and had that been successful, that’s one ambush you might have avoided.

It should be interesting next time with the new level.

By the way, I counted four encounters tonight:

The scorpions and flies (you won that one)
The kobolds and quadraped (a draw)
The kobold ambush in the hallway (you lost, but didn’t die)
The kobold in the training room (you won)

You only got xp for three of those, but that scorpion was a CR 1 monster, which was really what put you over the top on xp. If I keep rolling so poorly on my big-time monsters, I’m going to start pulling a little DM option on my rolls. I don’t think he hit you more than once.

See ya’ later.


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