3Oaks #9: Spiders, flies, worms and beetles

Real-world date: December 7, 2006
Hanorian date: StockTend 13th

Moon phase: one day from full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Afternoon showers, building into thunderstorms about 50% of the time.

The group began the session in the kobold lair torture room, just after searching the room and the bodies of various dead kobolds. After a short consultation the group decided to continue on to the portions of the kobold lair that were still unmapped, but where they believed they would encounter the remaining kobolds, including the shaman and the sorcerer/wizard. Leaving the torture room they proceeded to their left and down the corridor. On the floor they recovered Alec’s rope which had been discarded by the kobold who appeared to have cut it with the sleeping elite kobold’s sword. There was a little more than 30 feet of rope remaining intact. The rest was unusable fragments.

After stowing the rope in his backpack, Alec continued down the hallway to an intersection near where they had found the arena/training room before. They discovered an unopened door on the right side of the corridor, and Alec successfully picked the lock [Picked lock #1]. Entering the room they discovered three short tables and ten small kegs against one wall. The opposite wall contained a door with no latch which appeared designed to swing freely. From within that room, beyond the swinging door, they heard a strange hissing sound. Alec carefully searched the room for traps while Euha moved to stand guard at the swinging door.

After searching the room and finding nothing, Alec moved to the barrels which he discovered to be full of beer or ale, or some other alcoholic drink apparently favored by kobolds. The barrels smelled sour/sweet but not foul. Alec began a systematic examination of the barrels and the floor and wall beyond the barrels. After examining the barrels, three of which were empty, one of which was roughly half-full and six of which seemed to be full, Alec replaced the barrels and climbed on top of them to examine the wall behind them. Here he discovered a loose panel that opened into a dark passageway which felt cool and drafty. [Secret door #1 discovered] As he was doing this, Euha, Belvin and Butterchin heard increasing amounts of hissing and other noises from the room on the other side, beyond the swinging door.

The team decided to tie Alec’s rope to Alec in case something went awry and they had to retrieve him from the passageway. Alec examined the passageway and determined it to be about two feet above the floor, roughly even with the tops of the ale/beer barrels (which were kobold sized, not human sized barrels). Alec was convinced that the passageway was rigged to fall into a hole if a weight were placed upon it, and he disabled the trap by wedging the wooden flooring tightly against the walls of the passageway [Trap #1 successfully discovered]. This appeared to work and Alec wriggled into the passageway with the torch thrust ahead of him. The torchlight illuminated a room roughly 15 feet wide by 25 feet long, with a chest in one corner directly next to a dark hole from which the cool air seemed to be coming. All throughout the room there were gauzy strands, especially along the floor. From within the room he heard a strange, “creepy” noise.

Alec returned to the ale/beer room to confer with his teammates. As they were discussing their options, two events happened more or less simultaneously. First the swinging door suddenly was flung open revealing a large pink/red worm, roughly 12 – 15 feet in total length. On the other side of the room, a giant spider suddenly dashed through the opened passageway. Euha found himself facing the worm, while Belvin and Alec found themselves facing the giant spider. Butterchin remained standing at the doorway they had entered the room through. Both the worm and the spider attacked immediately, but not before Alec managed to get a crossbow shot off, catching the spider squarely, but not enough to kill it.

The worm attempted to move past Euha to slash at him with his tail, but as he did so, Euha took the opportunity to hack at the worm with his sword, and in one swipe of his sword, he clove the slimy beast in two [Worm #1 killed]. Unfortunately for Euha, a second worm was right behind the first, and this worm did manage to work around Euha where it could swing its tail, which it did, giving Euha a nasty whiplash. As this happened, the giant spider flung a gob of webbing at Belvin, entangling him, as he moved on towards Alec. Euha then took another swipe at the second worm, missing it. Belvin managed to disentangle himself from the spiders webbing but could do nothing else at that time. Butterchin moved from the doorway into a position to attack the spider, as he did so, the second worm spit a gob of sticky goo at him, but missed. Belvin then attempted to stab the spider with his longsword, but did not kill it.

Alec backed away, raised his crossbow for a second shot at the spider and was chagrined when the empty crossbow simply made a “click” sound when he pulled the trigger, having forgotten that he needed to reload it. He then backed five feet further away and prepared to load his crossbow. The second worm lashed with its tail again, this time missing Euha. The spider lunged forwards toward Butterchin and his fangs sank deep into Butterchin’s shoulder, leaving a searing pain behind. Suddenly through the open passageway two giant biting flies flew out and attacked Belvin, each managing to bite him. Belvin immediately conjured up a vial of acid, but as he did so, his sudden defenselessness provoked the spider and both flies to attack him with web and mandibles, but luckily none were successful. The acid was successfully conjured, but his throw was off, and the acid harmlessly dissipated against the far wall. Butterchin again reached out with his longsword and his blow left the spider in a crumpled heap [Spider #1 killed].

Alec then moved forward and fired his crossbow at the foremost fly, missing it. He then moved forward to directly confront the fly. The second worm again struck out at Euha, missing him. The two remaining flies again attempted to bite Belvin, with one being successful. Euha then landed a solid blow on the worm, hacking it into two pieces, and lots of slime [Spitting worm #2 killed]. Euha then also moved forward to help with the flies, having disposed of both spitting worms. Belvin then moved behind Euha and Butterchin after lashing out with his staff, but not hitting the fly. Butterchin however, managed to chop one fly out of the air leaving one fly remaining [Giant Fly #1 killed].

Alec then again reloaded his crossbow. The remaining fly attempted to bite Butterchin, but missed. Two more flies flew through the open passageway and joined the fight, both attacking Butterchin. Behind the flies Belvin realized a giant scorpion was moving into the passageway. Euha swung at one fly and killed it [Giant fly #2 killed]. Belvin then fired a sleep spell directly in front of the oncoming scorpion, inadvertently including Butterchin in the range of his spell. After the spell resolved, one fly and the scorpion were asleep, and Butterchin narrowly avoided also falling prey to the spell. The single remaining fly was quickly dispatched [Giant fly #3 killed]. The sleeping fly was then killed [Giant fly #4 killed].

Alec then decided to enter the room with the sleeping scorpion and administer a killing blow before it awoke, and did so [Giant scorpion #1 killed]. Unfortunately a giant beetle was also in the room and had managed to overcome the sleep spell, and it immediately attacked Alec, doing serious damage with a large horn. Euha immediately dashed through the passageway to come to Alec’s aid. Alec and Euha both attacked the beetle wounding it seriously. The beetle moved towards the hole in the floor, and suddenly delivered a fiery blast from its abdomen directly at Alec and Euha. Alec’s amazing reflexes allowed him to completely avoid the fiery blast, but Euha was not so lucky, catching the full force of the flames. Alec and Euha managed one more attack as the giant beetle fled down the hole into the cavern below.

During this battle the team was forced to consume three of the kobold healing potions.

As the team considered their situation, and Butterchin fretted about the very real possibility of spider poisoning, Alec moved over to the large chest and attempted to check it for traps. Finding none, he picked the lock [Picked lock #2] and opened the chest, which set off the trap he missed [Trap #2 survived]. His quick reflexes again saved his life as a poisoned dart zipped past him and broke against the wall. Inside the chest he found mostly vials of the liquid their kobold prisoner had identified as a magical sunscreen for kobolds and dozens of pairs of the goggles they had found before. Also within the chest were additional potions the group believed to be healing potions, neutralize poison potions and alchemist fire. These they distributed to the group. Finally Alec found a note which read as follows:

”Prepare the kobold lair for the arrival of troops on Stocktend 17th” signed “Cthul”.

Alec and Euha then dumped all the goggles and lotion vials back in the chest and shoved it into the hole, where it fell at least fifteen feet to the floor of a cavern where it smashed into a pile of rubble.

The group then decided to examine the room behind the swinging door from which the spitting worms had come. In that room they found two crossbow traps set to fire at two other doors. Alec disabled both traps, but was only able to recover one crossbow bolt [Trap #3 and Trap #4 found and disabled]. While searching for traps in the room Alec found another one the hard way when he barely managed to avoid falling into a pit when the floor collapsed underneath him [Trap #5 survived].

Leaving that room the group headed down another corridor. During all this commotion Alec continued to trail about 30 feet of rope behind him, and nobody seemed to notice or care. But this proved to be fortunate for Alec because he missed one more trap and fell through the floor fifteen feet, where he was injured so badly that he was knocked unconscious [Since this would have almost certainly killed Alec had he been by himself, I am not going to consider this “surviving” a trap, thus no XP for it]. Luckily for him Euha realized what had happened when Alec fell through the door, and made a desperate grab for the rope as it snaked down behind Alec. Euha amazingly managed to grab the rope (natural 20 die roll… man, Euha is amazing), but not before Alec hit the bottom of the cavern where he took serious damage. Before he could bleed to death Euha managed to haul him back up, just before two odd-looking subterranean creatures (looking similar to starfish, in a way) managed to grab Alec’s body. Upon retrieving Alec’s mangled body, Butterchin cast a cure minor wounds on him, stopping the bleeding and stabilizing Alec, although Alec remained unconscious. The group then hotly debated the merits of finding a new place to camp, or returning to the more defensible area of the kobold prison.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

1 secret door found = 25 xp

2 picked locks = 50 xp

2 spitting worms = 300 xp

4 giant biting flies = 200 xp

1 giant spider = 300 xp

1 giant scorpion = 300 xp

5 traps disabled or survived = 250 xp

Other xp:

That totals 1,425 xp.

That’s 356 xp each. Added to your existing 1,288 xp, that gives 1,644 xp.

Other notes:

DM mistakes:

I definitely should have done something about Alec trailing that silly rope around. I continue to struggle with attacks of opportunity, so I appreciate the reminders. I also still really like it when critical game-changing rolls are made for the player to do that themselves, but find myself inconsistently having you do it sometimes and me doing it myself sometimes with no real rhyme or reason to it.

Other notes:

By now I am hoping you realize that the cavern below the kobold lair has a pretty significant ecology going on, with a large population of giant insects and similar beasties.

You found a chest full of stuff, but it doesn’t sound like the treasure your kobold prisoner described.

You found a note describing some activity that hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps there is a way to use that to your advantage.

Tonight was definitely a battle against monsters instead of kobolds. You didn’t see a single kobold all night.

Looks like it’s going to be a long break between now and our next session. But you made a pretty good chunk of XP tonight. Too bad you have an unconscious rogue though…


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