3Oaks #2: Miracle Merkel’s Quality Battle Simulations

We started with the group leaving Trillian’s where Belvin had just
discovered that his brother was trapped in a Goblin dungeon, at least
according to Trillian. Trillian had gone off to inform the local authorities
that Yahs may be a person of interest to them.

While Trillian headed to the local police station, the group continued on to
Miracle Merkel’s Quality Battle Simulations. On the way there they spotted a
dark figure between MMQBS and the building next door (a leather worker’s
shop). The figure seemed to be human-sized, not dwarvish or halfling. By the
time Alec snuck around to where they saw it, there was no trace left.

So on they went to MMQBS where they decided to do the cheapest battle
simulation, a “kobold ambush” scenario for 12 gold pieces.

The illusion was very good, in fact it appeared to be completely real to the
group. They battled five kobolds and although the situation got a little
chancy a few times, they managed to defeat the kobolds without losing anyone
on their side.

However, they did set off two traps in the battle, one a standard crossbow
and twine setup, the other a covered pit.

Things of note during the battle:

1. When Euha fell into the pit, the team immediately pulled together, found
a rope and hauled him out, even while the kobolds renewed their attack.

2. Alec and his crossbow did the most damage and dealt the killing blow to 3
of the 5 kobolds, including two in close battle with Belvin and Euha.

3. Belvin drew first blood with his magic missile and disabled one kobold
for the duration of the battle with his color spray spell.

4. Euha absorbed the most damage while protecting the rest of the team and
dealt the killing blow to one kobold.

5. Butterchin provided desperately needed healing to both Euha and Belvin,
without which both would probably have been knocked unconscious at least.

6. The kobolds did not organize their attack intelligently. Of course this
is because kobolds are not greatly intelligent, but it is worth pondering
what would have happened if the kobolds had concentrated all of their fire
and melee on one character at a time instead of randomly attacking members
of the party.

7. Only one member of the party had an effective ranged weapon, and that
member probably accomplished at least half, if not more, of the total damage

DM mistakes:

Kobolds would not fight in bright daylight, so I should have made it clear
it was overcast or else was near dawn or dusk. Sorry about that.

The “light” spell that Belvin cast, even though it missed the eyes of the
kobold, should have been enough to dazzle it and reduce its “to hit” by a
few points. Sorry about that too.

As near as I can figure it, the 5 kobolds plus two traps that you survived
(yes, the DM Guide says simply surving a trap provides XP) should be 500
total xp (300 xp for 4 normal kobolds, plus 100 for the sergeant = 400, + 50
xp for each trap). Divided by half since it was a simulation provides 250 xp
potential, divided by 4 for each party member provides a final XP value of
63 points per party member (rounded up from 62.5).

Which means you should all be about 100xp now, so if we want to get your
characters to level up, we’re going to have to fight more often or more
powerful creatures.

Things you might want to think about after the battle:

1. You might need more ranged attack weapons. Belvin was dancing around
spinning his staff in defensive posture for three or four rounds. With a
ranged weapon he may have been able to hit the kobolds with a roll of 16 (he
has a high dex), so out of four tries, he had an even chance of hitting one
at least once, even with penalties for non-proficiency. Same goes probably
for Butterchin and Euha.

2. Spell selection is also an option for distance attacks. I think you only
had one spell that could do damage at a distance. Consider if you had
actually fought the woman in black and her two thugs in the street. One
magic missile and one crossbow bolt, and then you would have been in melee.
One hit with a club and Belvin could easily be down.

3. Jeff (Butterchin) recommended letting the rogue go first from now on.
That’s a good idea, but consider Alec’s height and weight too. He may not
set off a trap simply because he’s too light, or too small to trigger it.
Searching for traps every five feet will slow you down considerably.

4. Had one of your characters said “I look for a rock I can throw” during
the battle, I would have probably said “you find a few nice fist-sized
rocks” and would have worked out a to hit and damage for them. It may not
have meant anything, but at least one of the kobolds did some damage to
Butterchin when he was at 1 hit point left. A fist sized rock would do at
least 1 hit point of damage.

I am going to have to do a better job of tracking or having you keep track
of things during battles. You don’t have infinite supplies of arrows.

I’m going to take some liberties to get the game going a bit faster. Please
let me know if you think this sort of thing detracts from the game.

After you finished the simulation, through his tear-streaked face,
Bleerfurgin told you that he had heard that a large group of soldiers had
left the Keep and headed east on the Arich road. The group included a large
number of footsoldiers, and a group of mounted soldiers. Bleerfurgin figures
that they are headed east to see if they can find out what happened to the
missing squad. This move seems to have pleased Bleerfurgin.

The athletic female in black had a black rapier at her waist. Her hair and
skin were also very dark, although you could not tell if this was natural or
she was wearing some sort of blackening powder. She did not seem at all
concerned that there were four of you. Her leaving seemed to be more related
to the disturbance at the Inn than anything you said or didn’t say.

At the Inn you see two constables fighting the dire rat with their short
swords, although they seem to have just gotten there. The dissipating cloud
actually seems to have come from inside the bar itself, and in the doorway
you can see the legs and boots of what seems to be yet another constable,
motionless across the threshold. It is just about noon when all this

That’s about all I can think of now. Hope it was enjoyable.


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