Minis everywhere…

I’ve been doing some light work on miniatures lately. Nothing like what I was doing last month, and I’ll get some posts up soon about all the work I did last month. But I have been doing some work with minis. Here’s a short rundown on the past few days:

Last month, in my orgy of miniature expansion, I purchased one of those “mythological creatures toob” things from Michaels for $6.99 or something like that. It came with the following eight plastic pre-painted miniatures:
– King Triton
– Mermaid
– Chimera
– Phoenix
– Blue-green wingless dragon
– Minotaur
– Griffon
– Unicorn

All of them are perfectly sized for gaming except for the mermaid, which is much too large for a typical mermaid. Triton is the same size, but a sea-god can be large in game terms with no problem. Of course I couldn’t let well enough alone so I had to do some mods. The most involved mod was the dragon, which simply cried out for wings. So I cut the wings off of a pretty lame bat from anther toob collection and used some epoxy putty to join them to the dragon body, then I painted them as well as I could to match the body. The unicorn’s horn was pathetically small so I replaced it with a new one. I also cut off or filed down some silly flowers in the unicorn’s mane. Then I did some dry-brushing of the rest of them to make them more polished looking.

Bsides that I’ve been wrapping up the painting of the “How to Train Your Dragon” miniatures from the “Bucket o’ Dragons” my daughter got me for Christmas last year. I continue to be impressed with the overall quality and detail of these miniatures. They paint very well. I took my Dremel tool to one of them and cut holes and gashes in it to convert one of them to an undead dragon. I had to add legs to several of the dragon minis, but that turned out to be easy. In one case I made legs from epoxy putty and in the others I simply cut legs off some cheap lizard and alligator minis and glued them on. They came out looking very nice.

I finished one more of the Mage Knight mount to dragon conversions and mostly have piddled around with painting base coats on several minis I haven’t gotten around to completing yet.

I did add fire to the mane, tail and hooves of a horse to create a “nightmare” which is essentially a flaming horse spirit, and on a whim I added some custom bat-wings to a gorilla miniature, and that came out pretty nice. And I simply mounted some animal minis on bases to make them playable. In the end I’ve added about two dozen minis to my collection with minimal work and/or cost. And I’ve got another two dozen or so on my desk in various states of incomplete paint jobs or modifications which I’m completing at a rate of about four or five per day.

I still have a large sack full of animils, dinosaurs, birds, bugs and other things that I can still make another 100 or so minis from with little to no trouble.


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