Bizarre minis…

So every now and then I just do something weird. These four miniatures are examples of that. From left to right they are:

– zombie T-Rex
– ankheg
– butterfly winged reptilian
– tentacled birdosaur

So for the zombisaur I just took a dremmel tool and went to town on the thing. It’s surprisingly hard to do a lot of damage to these miniatures, they are basically solid PVC or plastic and they make self-resealing fuel tanks out of this for a reason. You really have to work hard to make serious holes in this stuff.

The ankheg is an iconic D&D monster that burrows underground and erupts out to grab unwary adventurers. I’d have liked a little bit larger miniature for this, but it works. The miniature here is actually the body of the wings that are on the reptile. The perfect ankheg miniature would be a stonefly larvae, which is a commonly used fly in western mountain streams.

The reptilian is another Mage Knight mount with the rider removed. I was going to make some bat wings for this like my other dragons, but I just couldn’t stop myself from sticking the butterfly wings on this instead. I think it came out pretty interesting, definitely unusual. In game terms it doesn’t matter what kind of wings something has, it can fly or it can’t. So it’s all just for looks anyway.

Finally the tentaclesaur… So I bought this bag full of plastic jellyfish because I thought the tentacles looked pretty creepy. This is the first mini I actually used any of the tentacles on. In game terms this would be a grabby monster. The long beak could be used like a halberd for a reach attack. It’s a pretty creepy miniature, but I think it would be fun to fight.


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