More frankensteining…

Still cutting and slashing my poor miniatures and sticking them back together. Someone on one of the miniature making message boards I post on asked me what I thought of Sid from Toy Story due to my tendency to hack toys apart and stick them back together… I guess he has a point.

On the left we have a creature that was prominently featured in stories by the noted sci-fi writer A.E. Van Vogt. One of his creations was a feline creature with tentacles coming from its shoulders which sucked potassium from its victims. D&D appropriated the creature years ago and calls it a “displacer beast”. The original Van Vogt creature had front legs twice as long as its back legs, but I took the lazy way out and used a standard cat mini.

The thing on the right is an “owlbear”, which is an iconic D&D monster that is a mutated hybrid of owl and bear. It might sound silly but an owlbear is a highly dangerous beast in the game. The only reason I have one is that I cut the wings off an owl miniature to make a pegasus and ended up with a wingless owl. So I put some bear arms on it, cut off its tail and painted it, and presto, owlbear. It looks nothing like the owlbear paintings in the rule books, but who cares, it’s clearly an owlbear.

In the middle I have an “in progress” miniature that I have since finished. It was originally going to be a manticore but I didn’t have a human head that was scaled to fit the lion body, and I decided a human head wasn’t as fearsome as a lion head anyway, so just stuck with a lion head, but added the eagle’s wings and scorpion’s tail (I made the tail from epoxy putty). The wings are actually from a duck, but they are close to eagle wings. I have since completed the paint job on this and it came out pretty dang nice. One of my best minis actually.


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