More hacking and slashing…

I’ve started to enjoy what I call “frankensteining” creatures. Usually that means I’m cutting creatures into parts and then recombining them in different ways. Or I’m using epoxy putty to make new parts for existing animals. Both techniques are represented here.

So I was on Facebook and somehow “The Wizard of Oz” came up, and I started thinking about the flying monkeys from the movie and figured I could make those… but I had no monkey miniatures (a lack I’ve since addressed) but I did have some gorillas. So I figured if flying monkeys were nasty, flying gorillas would be much worse. So I got some epoxy putty while watching a movie and put some wings on a gorilla and then painted it.

I’ve had a couple of crab miniatures for a while. Originally I thought I’d just use them as is, but then I decided my campaign is not close enough to the sea to use giant crabs. So I decided that giant spiders with crab claws would be pretty nasty since they would have the grabbing of crabs coupled with poisonous spider bites. Plus I just wanted to see how it would look. Came out pretty nice I think.

The centaur is just a horse mini with one of my least favorite Mage Knight miniatures frankensteined together. The end result was much better than I expected. I’m going to make more.


3 thoughts on “More hacking and slashing…

  1. hello, i have been looking at all your miniature armies and mymouth wouldnt close i was so amazed. you make them with such tallent and care that i really cant believe it. i only wish i could ever have any of those minitures someday.
    if only i could buy them from you….

  2. Hello, I have been looking through you posts , and my mouth wont close i am so amazed, i was wondering if you still use or make these, and if not if i could purchase them from you, please respond, its amazing what you are doing. I will be awaiting a ersponse.


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