Mythical creatures

I keep my eye out for anything I can use to make miniatures. (And I mean “anything” you would be surprised by what I think will work for making or modifying miniatures.) There is a company that produces a range of miniature figures and packages them in “toobs”. I’ve bought four or five of the toobs, including a bug toob, a tree toob and this, a “mythical creatures toob”. The toob included a unicorn and a wingless dragon, but I frankensteined the unicorn (I gave it a bigger horn) and I added wings to the dragon, so they aren’t in this picture. These six figures were only lightly painted and/or dipped in varnish/stain to improve their shadowing and protect their finish. The only one of these that is somewhat problematical is the mermaid, in game terms she’d be a giant mermaid, but seven usable minis for less than seven bucks isn’t a bad deal.


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