Trolls and scorpions

The reason I’m posting this is to show some of the range of effort and techniques I use for my minis.

The two trolls are resin copies I cast from a latex mold I made of a troll original. These are cast in opaque resin, I also cast a few trolls in clear plastic resin and turned them into “ice trolls”. Originally these two trolls were identical (well, except for the blemishes and missing parts due to casting errors….).

The green troll is the first one I did. I decided I wanted to “improve” on the original so I cut some heads off some cheap zombie minis and arranged them around his neck like a grotesque necklace of trophies. I also put a loincloth and a belt pouch on him, and since his mouth was messed up in the casting, I put an ugly yellow tongue sticking out.

The brown troll I decided I wanted to reposition the arm, so I cut it off at the elbow and then used epoxy putty to bring it down to reach forward instead of over his head. I decided I was too lazy to do the severed head necklace and the other stuff, so I just painted him after that.

The scorpions are both minis I got from a collection of bugs and insects. I decided to paint one yellow and red to represent it’s poisonous-ness, sort of like a coral snake. The black one I only glued to a base.

So here we have one mini I did nothing, one I only painted, one I did a limb repositioning on and one I added a significant amount of detail.


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