Slow night…

So, I spent most of the evening buying a new car, so no new miniature, terrain or gaming post tonight.

Instead I’ll discuss some idle thoughts I had while taking my lunch walk today.

1. Three new miniature ideas:
– Vine swarm. Pretty cool idea I think, a mass of animated vines which can squirm around like an ooze or knot together and form a solid plant-creature like thing. The miniature would be sort of like a “Man-Thing” made of knotted vines. Could be cool.
– Predatory flying fungazoid. This is a direct ripoff of the flying fungus from the novel “Ox, Orn and Omnivore” by Piers Anthony. I’ll have to spice up the mini though since in the novel it’s described as a sort of flying triangle with a single blobby foot. I’ll work on a compound sort of single eye in front of a B-2 bomber shaped fungus with a malleable “foot” and with tentacles coming out of the ends of the wings. Should be an interesting creature which will likely fly in packs.
– Chain golem. Yes I know that Wizards introduced chain golems, but theirs are pretty lame. My chain golems are more like animated spiked chains which can attack with reach and can trip, entangle and constrict targets. But the truth is I just think the large humanoid made out of chains sounds like an awesome miniature.

2. Bought some more materials for making miniatures. Found a box of “sparkling ice” on the wedding aisle at a Walmart, along with some flowers from the floral aisle. The flower petals look like they will make awesome fairy wings and the sparkling ice has already provided me with a collection of ice elementals of small and medium size. Plus I’m gluing some together to make some large ones. I also picked up some discounted plastic army soldiers which I can’t use as is, but I can cut off heads, arms or legs and use them in various ways…

3. I’m working on a colossal dragon (or is it gargantuan? I always get those two backwards…) which I am making from a very nicely detailed velociraptor miniature. I’ve already used some Apoxie sculpt material to add horns and bony ridges along the back, now I just have to make the wings. If it works out as I hope it will, it will be by far my most detailed and impressive dragon.

4. Bats, bats bats… I’ve been on a quest to find a cheap supply of bat miniatures of various sizes so I can have a steady supply of el cheapo dragon wings. If I can find some I could turn out a dozen dragons a day using dinosaur or lizard miniatures that are dirt cheap themselves. But everywhere I look I’m told that bat miniatures are only stocked during Halloween. So I suspect I’ll be raiding the local supermarkets on November 1 for discounted packs of plastic or rubber bats….

Anyone who has any ideas for how to make cheap miniatures, just let me know. I’m always open to clever ideas…


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