Fire and ice…

So I’ve been working on stuff but not posting much the last few days. Right now I’ve got about two dozen “in progress” minis, which is pretty common for me actually. Here’s a short description of what’s on my desk right now:

Two lizard/dragons where I’ve just added some cheesy wings to a standard lizard miniature. They actually came out relatively decently so far, but I’m still painting. I’m trying to decide if I should grind off the dinosaur names on the wings or if trying to do that will just ruin the wings…

A rhino, a monkey, two apes and a prehistoric wingless bird.

Three bizarre looking “dragons” from “How to Train Your Dragon” that I think might make interesting elementals such as magma or earth elementals.

A dire boar (added four tusks and a big crest along the back of a standard, if oversized, boar.

Fixing a goblin I had to remove from a mount I turned into a dragon. Fixing a human I had to remove from a mount to make a dragon.

Some bizarre dinosaur that looks like a prehistoric dog.

Two flame elementals, two wind elementals, five ice elementals and an earth elemental literally made from pebbles.

Other than that I’ve got some odds and ends I’m still working on as well as the major dragon project that still needs wings.

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