Uber cheap dragons…

So, I’ve been sort of messing around seeing how I can make minatures as cheaply as possible. Varnished origami is pretty tough to beat being only pennies per miniature, but there is only so much you can do with origami.

I’ve been converting lizards into dragons. The lizards came in a bag of one dozen lizards for less then $3 for one bag, and another dozen for $1 at a dollar general store. They are almost identical in size and shape, with a couple of variations including one with a nice horned crest.

To make wings I’m just cutting them out of foam sheets I purchased at the dollar store and then dipping them in hot water to shape them. Then I paint them. The end result is probably a large dragon miniature for less than a quarter.

And they don’t look bad.

There’s also a spidercrab there. I got some real cheap crawdad minis while in Louisiana, and the claws work just fine for spidercrabs…

1 thought on “Uber cheap dragons…

  1. Well, I took some photos tonight but can’t find my camera usb cable so I can’t upload them and it’s time for bed. So I’ll try to upload them again tomorrow with some commentary. And some close-ups.

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