The cheap dragons…

Here are a few photos of the el cheapo dragons I’ve been making.

This is a group of dragons and a couple flying gorillas. All of them are simple miniatures bought literally for pennies to which I have added wings made of craft foam sheets, which I bought in huge packs for a buck at the dollar store. In a few cases I’ve added some epoxy putty which is by far the most expensive component in the miniatures, but they don’t need very much putty.

Here is a front detail view of one flying gorilla and one dragon. The flying gorilla has wing bones made of epoxy putty, and the dragon has had a long neck added using epoxy putty. The neck is too thick, I will make it thinner on future dragons.

And, here is the back of the flying gorilla and the dragon. In both cases I could use a bit of epoxy putty to smooth out the transition from body to wing and make them look more natural, but I was really doing these as prototypes and was just cutting and gluing without worrying much about looks.

Still, I think they are not bad for less than fifty cents each.

2 thoughts on “The cheap dragons…

  1. Hello there. I’ve been lurking for a couple weeks and just wanted to stop and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your miniatures posts.

    I’ve never really had call to use a ton of minis myself. However, I’ve found your creativity in re-purposing to be very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks much Mr. Gaming. I intend to do so. I’ve spent the last couple of hours working on the white dragon in the photo above. I’ve added wing bones and used some putty for smoothing out the transition to the wings and to give the appearance of muscles. I am considering filing down the neck some more, but the whole point of these dragons has been to produce a lot of minis fast and cheap, and all that detail work is what takes up most of my time on these things.

    Still, I will probably spend more time on the white dragon, just because I like it.

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