Making miniature trays…

So last night I got tired of seeing my growing collection of minis standing beside my stack of foam trays holding the bulk of my collection, so I made another foam tray to hold the latest additions to my collection. That means I now have an even dozen trays which are stacked on my chess table. I think I’ll have to make a couple more before I get completely done with my miniature backlog.

Making the foam trays is both simple and a pain. I’m not a big fan of working with glue, and glue is the main ingredient apart from the foam itself. The process of making a tray is to cut out the base of the tray, then cut a series of foam “walls” which break up the base into the individual sections. The foam itself is 1/2 inch thick, and the walls I made last night were one and a half inches high, so it ended up with 55 individual miniature cells. I filled that up with my recently completed minis, with several of the cells ending up holding two or more minis, so in the end I stored away another 70 or so minis.

I’ve been pretty lazy lately about completing my backlog. I’ve been working on other things lately. But I’m still getting a few miniatures complete each day.


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