Painting thoughts

I need to develop my skills as a miniature painter. Most of my best work is pretty much by accident, and many times when I really try hard, I end up with nothing any better than when I just toss off a miniature.

For example, here’s a miniature I spent over an hour painting. “Over an hour” is a long time for me. I rarely spend that much time on a miniature. Frequently my paint efforts are less than fifteen minutes. Anyway, here it is:

Here’s another photo… maybe better:

… and here are two minis I spent probably fifteen or twenty minutes on. One I’ve coated with sealant, the other I’ve left with just the acrylic paint job:

I don’t see a whole lot of difference in the results. Which is very disappointing, it seems that if you spend more time and effort on something, the results should improve.

I guess I need to do more research on painting…


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