3Oaks #10: What, you can’t sleep either?

Real-world date: February 1, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 14th

Moon phase: Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Afternoon showers, building into thunderstorms about 50% of the time.

The group began the night in the hallway where they had hauled the unconscious body of Alec after he had fallen into the pit. Alec was sorely wounded and needed healing, but the party was out of heal spells. After a short discussion the party decided to head back down the hallway to the prison area because they felt that was a defensible area. Reaching the prison they locked the door and set watch and attempted to rest to regain spells and hit points.

Euha took the first watch, but no more than an hour into his watch, the door handle was tested. After jiggling the latch for a moment, whoever was outside began to pound on the door, waking up Belvin and Butterchin. The party regrouped and prepared for battle, but the door held firm, and finally the pounding stopped. Again Belvin and Butterchin went back to sleep. Before they had gotten thirty minutes of sleep the pounding began again. Again they regrouped and prepared for battle, but the door held and the pounding finally stopped. Butterchin began to suspect that the kobolds were simply pounding on the door to keep them awake and prevent them from regaining spells and hit points. He recommended moving to the farthest room and closing the cell door where they again attempted to go to sleep.

After another thirty minutes the pounding began again, waking up Butterchin in spite of the closed door, but Belvin managed to sleep through it. Butterchin again tried to go to sleep, but was awakened again. Finally tired of the games Butterchin approached Euha with a plan. They waited for the pounding to stop and yanked the door open, finding two kobolds in the hallway. The kobolds reacted first and simply ran away. Euha pursued them part way down the hallway before stopping.

Euha and Butterchin the waited for the kobolds to return, but this time a lone unarmed kobold appeared and managed to fire off two or three magic missiles at Euha, wounding him, before fleeing.

Butterchin then suggested that Euha hide in the torture room where he could see into the hallway to ambush the kobolds if they came back. This Euha did. Butterchin went back to sleep, this time leaving both doors open. After another thirty minutes or so Euha observed a kobold walking past the doorway towards the prison door. He immediately attacked the kobold, hitting it, but not killing it. A fierce battle between Euha and two kobolds was underway, but Euha looked to be getting the worst of it so he yelled for help. Butterchin awoke and realizing the danger of the situation charged out of the prison and into the melee, knocking the first kobold back and delivering a killing blow [elite kobold #1 killed]. Euha and Butterchin together then finished off the other kobold [kobold #2 killed].

That seemed to do the trick and the group was not bothered by kobolds again through the night and in the morning the group regained hit points and spells. Alec was healed up and the group continued their quest to clear the lair of kobolds.

They returned to the door where Alec had fallen into the pit. Alec found and disabled a trap in the hallway [trap #1 disabled]. This time they managed to open the door and get inside after unlocking the door [lock #1 picked]. Inside they found another trap [trap #2 found and survived]. The trap was a javelin triggered by a pressure plate on the floor. The javelin just missed Alec and hit the wall behind him. The sound of the javelin hitting the wall was suspicious to Alec and he searched for, and found, a secret door. They entered the room and Alec survived another trap (falling stones from the wall) [trap #3 survived], while attempting to search and unlock a chest in the room. Alec successfully picked the lock [lock #2 picked] and they found a large hoard of coins inside. The coins were mostly copper, but there were several hundred silver, gold and platinum coins as well. The group divided the coins (not the copper ones though) among themselves. During this time Alec discovered another secret door, and inside the new room found an unlocked chest which contained several vials of liquid (which by now were easily recognizable as kobold heal potions, wizards fire, and neutralize poison potions), a cloak sized for a Halfling an amulet and three rings, two of which had gems and were of a white metal, and one which was tarnished and silvery, with a deep scratch or dent along one side. Also found in the chest were three papers. One mentioned an event that was to happen on Stocktend 21st (need to check on this date). Another was a sheet vouching for the carrier signed by “Cthul”. The third was a note describing how a female agent had been discovered in and driven from 3Oaks.

Alec tried on the cloak and discovered that it created a sense of warmth when worn. The rings and amulet were tucked away for examination when someone in the party had detect magic and/or identify available.

The party then left the room and moved down the hallway to uncharted areas of the lair. They discovered an opening that led to an arrow-slit ambush, but there was nothing inside or on the other side of the wall. They followed the hallway along where they found a portion containing burned out twigs and straw. They found a doorway and were attempting to unlock the door when a kobold appeared from further down the hall. The kobold retreated and the group ignored him. They again went to work on the door.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

2 secret doors found = 50 xp

2 picked locks = 50 xp

2 elite kobolds killed = 200 xp

3 traps disabled or survived = 150 xp

Other xp:

That totals 450 xp.

That’s 113 xp each. Added to your existing 1,644 xp, that gives 1,757 xp.

Other notes:

DM mistakes:

Not many, I thought it was pretty tight considering how long of a layoff we had.

Other notes:

It wasn’t a good night for XP, but you found some pretty good treasure. I’m wondeing how much longer you’re going to carry around those smelly kobold scalps now.


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