3Oaks #11: Divine Intervention

Real-world date: March 1, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 14th

Moon phase: Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Afternoon showers, building into thunderstorms about 50% of the time.

(DM’s note: Ravi was unable to play this week, so I had to improvise a scenario for the remaining three players.)

The group was working on a door they could not get unlocked when Euha suddenly began to fade out. The group at first was unable to figure out what was wrong, but eventually managed to discover that Euha was communing with Heironeous, his God. Euha managed to convince the group to leave him alone in the room they had just searched to complete his communion. The rest of the group convened out in the hallway.

Soon they heard sounds of voices and footsteps in the lair. They did not sound like kobolds. The group, minus Euha, decided to investigate. Alec peered around the corner of a passageway and saw two dark figures, about the size of dwarves, moving down the hallway. The group watched the dwarf-like figures for a few moments, but then Alec was spotted by them.

The two figures began walking towards Alec, who turned and returned to the rest of the group. The two pursuing figures called out to Alec, using the name “Rarachk”, as if they thought Alec must be someone else. When they rounded the corner to see Alec, Belvin and Butterchin, they immediately became suspicious and asked the group for their “credentials.” Butterchin recognized the figures as Duergar, or “gray dwarves.” They were bald, and their skin was dark and grayish, but otherwise they resembled dwarves. Both of them were wearing chain mail armor.

As the confrontation continued, a third duegar joined the others, this one without armor. Again the duegar asked Butterchin if they were there to see Rarachk, and where their credentials were. With no credentials forthcoming, Belvin decided to cast sleep on the duegar. The result was the unarmored duegar fell asleep. While one duegar attempted to awaken the sleeping duegar, Butterchin engaged the other. After a short fight, the duegar fell to the floor (first killed duegar). By this time the other duegar had awakened, but by now Alec had joined the fight from a side hallway and they managed to kill the unarmored duegar fairly quickly (second killed duegar). The third duegar was knocked unconscious in the fight, and the group decided to tie him up (third defeated duegar).

A quick search of the duegar turned up some cash and a note from Cthul authorizing the bearer to be under Cthul’s protection. Alec took this. As they dealt with their wounds and completed the search of the duegar, a sudden voice was heard, definitely duegar, but apparently feminine. It appeared to be calling a name. Immediately the tied up, but ungagged duegar began yelling to the female duegar to look out. The tied up duegar immediately was gagged, but it was too late. Alec made his way down to the arrow-slit ambush area and peered into the corridor. After a while he saw a female duegar making her way down the hall towards them.

Alec decided to sneak around to get a look at the female duegar, but instead he and she met at a corner. Alec pulled out the paper he had taken from the dead duegar and thrust it in front of him for the female to read. The female pointed a finger at Alec and uttered the word “halt” and Alec was frozen in place long enough for the duegar to snatch the paper from his hand, and then turn and flee. Alec made his way back to the group where he related this unusual turn of events. They stashed the duegar in the arrow slit ambush area, leaving him tied up.

The group (minus Euha) decided to pursue the duegar and made their way through the halls until they found another entrance to the kobold lair, with footprints leading away from the opening. They decided to head back and search some more rooms. They opened one door and found a room with four beds and four chests, all very nice and sized appropriate for human sized inhabitants. Upon opening one of the chests, a mist filled the room and Alec was overcome by the fumes. Butterchin and Belvin placed him on one of the beds and they paused to take stock of things.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

3 duegar found and killed or captured. 300 xp.

Other xp:

That totals 300 xp.

That’s 100 xp each. Added to your existing 1,757 xp, that gives 1,857 xp.

Other notes:

DM mistakes:

The whole thing was too off-the-cuff.

Other notes:


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