3Oaks #12: Kobold armageddon

Real-world date: March 15, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 15th

Moon phase: 1 day past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Afternoon showers, building into thunderstorms about 50% of the

After the group split up so Euha could talk with his diety, Alec, Belvin and Butterchin found themselves in the guest room of the kobold lair where Alec and Belvin were overcome by a gas that had filled the room when Alec missed a trap.

The action began with Euha waking from his trance with a series of messages from Heironeous, plus some additional items Heironeous blessed him with to help wipe out the Kobolds in the lair. Euha was given information about the location and the number of the remaining kobolds, as well as information about the location of his other three party members. He was also given items which had to be used that day including an amulet to protect from missiles (including magic missile), a scroll for cure medium wounds, a scroll for summoning monsters, a scroll for summoning a flaming sphere, and five magic crossbow bolts.

Euha followed Heironeous’ trail to the others, where Belvin and Alec were awakened. The four discussed Euha’s revelations and all agreed to attempt to fulfill their quest by disposing of the final kobolds in the lair. They then followed a trail which led to the door of the kobold barracks where the remaining kobolds were holed up.

It is an odd truth that long boring stretches of activity can take a long, boring time to write even when they took only a few moments of game play, but battles and action sequences can be very short to write when they take a long period to play.

The group found the door to the barracks open, and Euha invoked the magic amulet shield Heironeous had given him. Then Euha rushed in, followed by Butterchin and Alec, with Belvin bringing up the rear. Belvin cast a sleep spell at two kobolds on the far end of the room, which put one down, and a “thump” was heard from behind a turned up table. As Euha move in, several short spears crashed around him, but none struck him. It seemed as if some were diverted in their flight by some magic. Euha engaged two kobold regulars on one side of the room while Alec spotted a kobold elite warrior at the other end of the room and fired a magic crossbow bolt with his crossbow, striking the kobold elite. Butterchin moved into the room without immediately engaging anything. As Belvin moved into the open doorway, a large, old, potbellied kobold with a wooden staff reared up from behind an overturned table and with a single word inflicted a terror so great on Belvin that he turned and fled into the darkness, where he ended up curled in a ball at the end of the hallway.

Back in the room Euha struck one kobold warrior as other warriors came out of hiding places to join the attack. Alec fired another magic crossbow bolt, but missed. Butterchin moved up to join Euha as the kobolds swarmed onto them. In the melee Euha was hit once. On another corner of the room a weaponless kobold came out of hiding and fired a magic missile at Euha, but the missile never struck.

Euha then finished off the first kobold (kobold warrior #1 killed) and moved on to another target. Butterchin also struck at a kobold but missed. Alec abandoned his crossbow in the tight melee and began using his rapier instead, but he also missed.

The kobolds continued to swarm on Euha and a few managed to land blows, bringing his hit points dangerously low. The kobold sorcerer again fired a magic missile which fizzled. About this time Belvin’s terror subsided and he made his way back to the room.

Euha continued to hack at the kobolds and struck another one down (kobold warrior #2 killed). Alec managed to land a blow on another, but did not kill it. At this time Belvin managed to cast summon monster from the doorway which brought forth a giant bee. The bee was sent to intercept a kobold elite which was attempting to get into the fight against Euha. Butterchin, realizing that Euha was in serious trouble, cast his heal scroll on him. At this time a second unarmed kobold appeared and summoned a small dinosaur type creature which joined the fight.

The battle raged for several rounds during which Euha continued to dispatch kobolds (a third kobold warrior and two kobold elite warriors). Belvin put another two temporarily out of commission with color spray. One of those was quickly dispatched by Belvin.

Belvin also cast the flaming sphere spell and used that to keep the kobold shaman occupied and to kill another kobold warrior (kobold warrior #4). Butterchin continued to try to offer some melee help while still monitoring Euha’s and Alec’s health. At about this time Euha was knocked unconscious and Butterchin braved an attack of opportunity to cast a critical heal on him, which brought Euha back into the battle. While this was happening Alec also went down, so Butterchin immediately used his final cure light wounds to save Alec.

By this time the kobolds had lost another kobold elite (#3) and the sorcerer (#1). All that was left were the already wounded shaman, a kobold druid with no spells left and two more kobold elites, one of which was still stunned by the color spray. The party quickly finished off the shaman (yay!) and the druid, but the two elites continued to fight, one striking Alec down again. Butterchin was only able to stop Alec’s bleeding as Euha finally killed the last two elites (#4 and #5).

So, when the carnage was finally settled, the outcome was one rogue unconscious, various wounds to the rest of the party and a lot of dead kobolds.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

1 kobold shaman (2nd level cleric) 600xp

1 kobold sorcerer, 300xp

1 kobold druid, 300xp

5 kobold elites, 750xp

4 kobold warriors. 300xp

That totals 300 xp.

That’s 2550 xp for 638 each. Added to your existing 1,857 xp, that gives 2,495 xp. It takes 3,000 xp to reach level 3, so you are getting in sight of that.

Other notes:

DM mistakes:

I thought it went pretty well.


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