3Oaks #13: Scorpion surprise

Real-world date: March 29, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 16th

Moon phase: 2 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Dry, windy and hot.

After the vicious battle was finally over, the team searched the dead bodies and the room. They lots of armor, spears, a couple of swords, and quite a bit of gold, silver and copper coins. They also found a brass shield, a short wooden stick, a ring, studded leather armor (kobold sized), a scroll, two staves, and a pouch with seven berries.

The party decided to heal up and count their loot. Belvin was able to decipher the scroll, which was a “detect magic” scroll. Butterchin cast his “detect magic” on the pile of stuff. The ring, the wooden stick and the berries all radiated magic.

Belvin then used an “identify” spell on the ring, and determined that the ring was a “Ring of Guidance 3/day” ring. To use the ring the wearer, as a free action, need only think “Guidance” while attempting an action, such as swinging a weapon, firing a bow, executing a skill, etc.

As the group was gloating over their booty, Alec opened the opposite door to the barracks from the one they came in, and discovered a monstrous scorpion outside the door. The scorpion rushed in and attacked, followed by two biting flies.

The battle was intense, with both Euha and Butterchin going down at different times of the battle. But in the end Alec and Belvin managed to polish off the scorpion. However the party was sorely hurt again. Leaving the barracks they headed back to the Guest room where they searched the remainig chests. Alec successfully discovered another sleep gas trap, and disarmed it, claiming the glass flask filled with a roiling gas for his own. The party decided to rest again to recover from the scorpion attack.

Upon awakening the party was getting ready to move on when they heard the unmistakeable sound of Goblins in the hallway.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

1 Monstrous Scorpion 600xp

2 Biting Flies 100xp

1 discovered trap 75xp

1 disarmed trap 75xp

That’s 850 xp for 213 each. Added to your existing 2,495 xp, that gives 2,708 xp. It takes 3,000 xp to reach level 3, so you are getting in sight of that.

Other notes:

DM mistakes:

The scorpion was a total random encounter.


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