3Oaks #14: Goblin invasion [Level 3!]

Real-world date: April 12, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 16th

Moon phase: 2 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Dry, windy and hot.

Waking up in the kobold lair guest room, the party had just finished getting healed up when they heard footsteps in the hall outside. Hearing a knock on the door, Butterchin attempted to pass the group off as routine goblins, but the goblins were not fooled. After a short attempt to force open the door, the goblins managed to find a key to the door, perhaps one of the goblins had a key.

Upon opening the door a short battle ensued. Initially the goblins attempted to force their way into the room but were frustrated by the team’s clever use of flanking. Alec took a shot from a bow and wisely ducked behind the corner out of sight. A goblin sorcerer from the hallway suddenly cast sleep, knocking out Belvin and Alec, but Euha and Butterchin felt no effect. Euha took the next round to awaken Alec while Butterchin continued to guard the entrance to the room. Alec then woke up Belvin. One goblin went down during this activity[goblin #1 killed], and when Belvin awoke, he responded with his own sleep spell which knocked down two of the goblins.

In quick succession Euha and Butterchin polished off two goblin warriors [goblins #2 and 3 killed]. Belvin attempted to use his ray of frost but was unsuccessful. The goblin sorcerer summoned three dino-dogs which appeared in the center of the room, and the remaining goblins fled, two heading down the corridor to the left, and the sorcerer fleeing down the corridor leading directly away from the room.

Euha immediately sprinted after the spellcasting goblin, catching up to him but was unable to take any action in that round. The two other fleeing goblins came around a corner behind Euha without his realizing it. In the room the remaining party battled the ineffective dino dogs, eventually killing two [dino dogs #1 and 2 killed] and the third disappeared as the spell wore off. In the hallway the spellcasting goblin turned to confront Euha and began to cast a spell. Euha took the opening and with a vicious thrust scored a critical hit on the sorcerer, killing it immediately [goblin sorcerer killed].

But Euha had not counted on the remaining goblins who came up behind him and attacked. Euha counterattacked, felling one goblin [goblin #4 killed], whereupon the remaining goblin fled for safety.

Euha dragged the corpses of the two goblins he had dispatched back to the rest of the group where all the dead goblins were searched. Assorted gold, weapons and 1 short bow and arrows were found. Alec picked up the short bow (small sized) and the arrows and decided to use that instead of the crossbow from then on. A blue potion was found on the spellcasting goblin along with an oddly shaped stick. Also on his arm was a bronze circlet which appeared to be designed to fit over the biceps of a small humanoid creature.

The group then decided to pursue the remaining goblin, but after following its trail to the arena room, they realized that finding the goblin in the maze of kobold tunnels was likely a wasted effort. Instead they turned and decided to explore the remaining rooms they had not yet explored. Across from the barracks they found a door into a room with four low tables. A swinging door from that room led them to a room with the gruesome remains of human flesh which appeared to have been a kobold main course. Sickened, but determined, they were about to move on when Butterchin, left watching their back, heard the sounds of additional footsteps back in the entry area.

Butterchin moved back down the hallway towards the guest room where he and a goblin surprised each other. After initiative checks, another battle ensued. Alec attempted to flank the goblin party by going around the corridors to his right, but instead found himself facing two goblins alone. As Euha moved ahead of Butterchin in the original corridor, Alec attempted to retreat back towards the rest of the party. Belvin in the meantime decided to examine the stick he had recovered from the goblin caster, noticing that it was too small to be a club, but too large to be a wand. It was clearly well-worn though and the goblin spellcaster had seemed to value it before his untimely demise.

Euha dispatched two more goblins [goblins #5 and 6 killed] and moved out into the corridor in front of the guest room. There he saw another goblin archer, and an unarmed goblin, who turned and fled. In the meantime Alec was hard-pressed by the two goblins he was facing and Butterchin moved around to attack them from the rear. Alec received a serious blow and was unable to continue to fight. Butterchin and Belvin then managed to finish off the remaining two goblins [goblins #7 and 8 killed]. As this was going on, Euha dispatched the final goblin archer [goblin archer 2 killed]. Butterchin applied a minor healing spell to restore Alec to full mobility. After a short discussion, gambling that a yellow bitter-smelling potion that they had looted from a treasure chest was a heal potion, the badly wounded Alec drank the potion, luckily discovering that it was, in fact, a potion with healing properties, and he soon felt much better.

Again the group searched the dead goblins, finding some gold and silver coins, several spears and another short bow with arrows. There were no other items of value located. As they contemplated their situation, Butterchin moved towards the entry area and listened, where he heard a goblin voice shouting “They’re in here” as footsteps were heard upon a ladder. After returning with this news to the group, the group as a whole began to hear noises from the entryway of additional footsteps approaching.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

8 goblin warriors 800xp

2 goblin archers 200xp

1 3rd level goblin sorceror 600xp

2 summoned dino-dogs 100xp

That’s 1700 xp for 425 each. Added to your existing 2,708 xp, that gives 3,113 xp. You have reached level 3. Celebrations will no doubt commence.


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