3Oaks #15: A Walk in the Park

Real-world date: May 3, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 17th

Moon phase: 3 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Dry, windy and hot.

The session began with the party hearing the sound of footsteps from the open ground above the kobold lair entrance. As they were pondering what to do about the apparent incoming goblins they heard a loud argument from the ground above them. In goblin it appeared that the goblin who had fled from the party was trying to tell someone that the lair was full of deadly enemies. There was the sound of goblin head-knocking and a shadow filled the opening to the lair. The party prepared for an attack from incoming goblins.

But they also began to hear the unmistakable sounds of combat from further behind the arguing goblins. And then sounds of panic among the goblins above. Suddenly a goblin fell from the opening to the floor and lay prone on the ground below the lair opening. Two other goblins descended the ladder. Euha moved into position to attack them and soon Euha was blocking the door while he parried with the goblin. Alec and Butterchin moved up and soon they had the doorway flanked. A final blow felled the foremost goblin [First goblin killed] as a third began to descend the ladder. Upon seeing his comrade spitted like a ripe melon, that goblin began to climb back up the ladder, where he got tangled up with other goblins. However, the second goblin exhibited some very un-goblin-like courage and moved forward to engage the party. Above, the sounds of battle became closer, and soon it was clear that the goblins above were in full rout. A third goblin made his way down the stairs as Euha, Butterchin and Alec dispatched a second goblin [goblin 2 killed]. This finally overcame the third goblin’s courage and he dropped his spear and cowered against the corner of the lair entry. [goblin defeated]

The party finally emerged from the Kobold lair into late afternoon sunshine to find a small group of Keep soldiers, apparently led by Lupe the Ranger who had left them days earlier in the kobold lair. Lupe seemed happy to see the party, and thanked them for clearing out the kobold lair. Then he explained that he had been attacked by a woman in the group of rescued prisoners and her attack had almost killed him. She had gotten away. His search for her led him to discover the goblin party, and he had arranged with Mog, the king’s agent in the area, to have a party of soldiers sent to attack the goblins before they could join up with the kobolds. He suspected some larger plan had been in the works, and was working to thwart that.

The party turned their captured goblin over to Lupe’s men, and they then hiked the two miles or so back to the Galloping Pony where they were fed well and thanked profusely for clearing out the kobold lair. Mog was there with his half-orc bodyguard. Mog informed them that he had taken up residence in Nor’s Eye temporarily and asked them to tell their story. After hearing of their heroic exploits, he asked if they would rather work for the King than the Mayor of 3Oaks, and offered them rewards if they could help to save the town of Arich. As partial payment in advance he gave Belvin four magic scrolls. Mog also helped them identify which of their items had magical qualities. He informed them that the wooden stick which had been brandished by the kobold shaman was the item with the most powerful magical aura, but that the little stick, the dented ring and the armband also all showed some level of magical aura as well. Belvin, by virtue of gaining a level the day before, had managed to work out the spell “Identify” and put it in his spellbook (along with “Scorching Ray”) and as such he was able to use the Identify scroll Mog had given the group on one item. The group chose to identify the bigger wooden stick and learned it was a sort of kobold staff which could be used to cast “bless” and that it currently held 20 charges.

The party slept well that night, and had a filling and healthy breakfast the next morning before heading out on the 3Oaks/Arich road. They crossed a river next to the Galloping Pony on the well-built bridge, and headed east. After a few hours they were ambushed by bandits. The fight was fast and furious, leaving one bandit dead [bandit #1 killed] and two others fleeing [bandits fleeing will get some XP] through the woods beside the road. The bandit had no goods of note. A short distance further down the road the group was warned to go back by a man who remained hidden in the trees. The party laughed at the warning and taunted the man. Soon arrows began falling among the group from the northeast, where a steep hilly area rose above the trees.

The party moved through the trees towards the location they believed the arrows to be coming from. They found a steep cliff face with a wide ledge about 20 feet up, and on that ledge from behind rocks, arrows were being fired at them. Arrows struck two of the party members, but did little damage. Alec decided to charge the cliff and climb up it to engage their attackers. Euha and Butterchin followed suit soon after. Alec climbed up the cliff face while Euha and Butterchin failed to find any purchase for their stubby, dwarven fingers.

Alec pulled himself up on the ledge where he was immediately attacked by two bandits. He was soon hard pressed and taking damage. A third bandit also left the rocks and moved to attack Alec. Butterchin cast his “sound burst” spell which stunned one of the bandits. Belvin followed up with a sleep spell, while Butterchin finished off the stunned bandit with “Spiritual Weapon”. But Alec was still alone on the ledge, fighting a bandit more than twice his size. As this went on, a fourth bandit emerged from the rocks and made her way out to the edge of the ledge where she looked down at Belvin. Belvin, looking up, was shocked to realize that the woman on the ledge was none other than Karn, a girl he had briefly dated back in Arich before leaving to go to wizard school. Karn, looking down, recognized Belvin too.

Alec was too busy to notice the reunion of the lovebirds. The bandit he was fighting broke off his engagement and attempted to revive his sleeping comrade. Alec took this opportunity to attack, but missed him. Realizing that he was one blow from dying, Alec turned and ran like heck to the north along the ledge. The remaining bandit immediately leapt up and began chasing Alec.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

3 goblin warriors killed or defeated – 300xp

2 bandits killed – 400xp

2 bandits routed – 200xp

1 trap survived – 100xp

That’s 1000 xp for 250 each. Added to your existing 3,113 xp, that gives 3,363 xp.


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