3Oaks: #16: Some call him the gangster of love

Real-world date: May 18, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 18th

Moon phase: 4 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Dry, windy and hot.

As Belvin and Karn recognized each other, Alec continued to flee for his life on the ledge. Making a quick decision, he realized a tree grew close by the cliff face, and he took a daring leap from the ledge, attempting to grab a branch and descend safely to the ground ahead of the enraged bandit. The bandit took one wild hack with his short sword, but missed, and Alec’s wild leap took him off of the ledge and through the air, where he just missed grabbing a branch, and fell screaming through the tree, taking severe damage all the way down to where he landed on the ground, unconscious and bleeding.

Euha and Butterchin heard the desperate screams of Alec and rushed headlong to find Alec lying in a heap at the bottom of the tree, with the bandit on the ledge above laughing. Belvin, in the meantime, struck up a short conversation with Karn, who attempted to explain that she was with the bandits more by necessity than choice. The remaining bandit awoke and threw a rock down at Belvin, but missed him badly.

Euha took his bow and fired an arrow at the laughing bandit, striking him squarely and killing him instantly [dead bandit #1]. Butterchin cast a powerful healing spell on the dying Alec, which restored him to health and consciousness. The remaining bandit, seeing one comrade killed and another engaged in dialog with Belvin, turned and fled away down the ledge to the north and out of sight. Belvin and Karn continued to talk, and Belvin seemed to accept her story of circumstances being the reason for her presence among the bandits.

Butterchin and Euha expressed concern and suspicion about Karn. Euha used his “detect evil” powers to see if she was evil, and did determine a slight tinge of evil to her aura, but only a tinge. Belvin managed to convince Butterchin and Euha to accept Karn’s story at least enough so that they did not pass judgment on her right then and there. The group then got into a long discussion about whether to continue to clear out the bandits, or to head on to try to rescue Jorje, Belvin’s captured bandit. Eventually they decided to root out the bandits when Karn informed them that she could lead them through the hills to the bandits’ hideout.

Belvin and Karn then took the lead heading down the trail for a while. After an hour or so, Belvin noticed a flash of movement in the trees ahead and cautioned the rest of the party. Alec crept quietly through the trees, attempting to scout out the reason for the movement. Unfortunately for him, the bandit he was looking for was well hidden and Alec ended up being surprised by the bandit. Hearing the commotion in the trees as Alec and the bandit exchanged blows, Euha and Butterchin rushed forward to help. Karn leapt into Belvin’s arms as they were left alone momentarily, and clearly expressed a desire to rekindle their previous relationship.

With the arrival of Euha and Butterchin, the bandit was quickly dispatched [dead bandit #2]. The party then continued on following Karn’s directions. Alec discovered a trap across the trail and managed to set it off harmlessly so that the party could pass [trap #1 found and survived]. The party then continued on for an hour or so more until Karn cautioned them that they were nearing the bandit hideout, which was in a cave hidden behind a large tree and boulder along the south face of a rocky outcropping.

As they got near, Alec decided to scout around to see what he could find. Unfortunately, his attempt to move silently was unsuccessful (rolled a 3) while the bandit guard’s attempt to listen was extremely fortunate (rolled a natural 20), and so the bandits were alerted to the party’s presence. They quickly prepared an ambush, and split into two groups of two, with one archer remaining at the mouth of the cave. One group pursued Alec, the other group moved to engage the rest of the group.

Alec suddenly found himself hard-pressed by two very competent looking bandits. Two others blocked the party’s route to reach Alec. Fortunately for Alec though, the two bandits fighting him must have had a poor night’s sleep because their swordplay proved to be remarkably inept. The rest of the group, with the help of Karn, fought the three other bandits. In the course of the fight, Alec attempted to tumble away from his attackers, but managed only to fall against a large boulder.

Just as things looked very bad for Alec, the rest of the party dispatched one of the bandits [dead bandit #3], and Euha then rushed to Alec’s aid. Butterchin, Belvin and Karn continued to fight the remaining two bandits. Alec then struck a deadly sneak attack on one bandit [dead bandit #4], and Butterchin struck down the melee bandit [dead bandit #5] and rushed the remaining archer. Realizing that they were not going to survive the encounter, the remaining two bandits surrendered.

As it happens, one of the two remaining bandits had been the bandit leader. The party tied him and his comrade up and, after being assured by the leader that the cave was now empty of bandits, they entered teh bandit cave, led by the tied up bandits. The leader soon informed them of a trap ahead and said that unless they simply wanted to force him to his death, they needed to allow him to disable the trap. After some discussion, the party agreed, and tied his ankles together after freeing his hands. The bandit leader successfully disarmed the trap and the party entered the main areas of the bandit cave.

After locating a place to rest for the night, Alec explored the cave and found the bandit leader’s private quarters, where he discovered a locked chest. Examining it for traps, he discovered a trap and disarmed it. Inside the chest he found lots of coins, a bottle containing a red liquid, two smaller bottles containing a pink liquid, a string of pearls and a ring with a beautiful red stone.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

5 bandits killed – 1,000xp

2 bandits captured – 400xp

1 trap survived – 100xp

That would have been 1500 xp for 375 each, except for the fact that Karn helped in the fight against two of the bandits. So for those two, the party splits the XP five ways, not four, so the actual XP per party member comes to 355 xp. Added to your existing 3,363 xp, that gives 3,718 xp.

Just a few notes this week. First, there was no indication that I remember that the party searched the bodies of the dead bandits around the cave. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t recall it. The party did search the bandit killed on the trail, but I don’t recall searching any of the ones at the cave.

Karn does seem to have more hit points than would be expected of a common human, so she has obviously taken some levels of something. There might be a story there somewhere.


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