3Oaks #17: Now you have it, now you don’t

Real-world date: May 31, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 19th

Moon phase: 5 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Dry, windy and hot.

As the group was preparing for sleep, Karn pulled a Lute from somewhere in the bandit cave and began playing an old Elvish tune. The group noticed this activity and nobody interfered with her playing, which allowed her to fascinate Belvin. Eventually she managed to get Belvin alone and successfully cast “charm person” on him (“Charm Person has a 1hr/level duration). While under the influence of the charm spell, Karn convinced Belvin to get the third watch for the night, which he did. At that time Karn also went to bed, alone. Belvin and the rest of the group turned in, with one person keeping watch.

After Belvin was awakened and started his watch, Karn again managed to cast “charm person” on him and convinced him that the bound bandits were not dangerous, and allowed her to free them. The leader regained his magic leather armor, and they left the cave. They did not attack the party or Belvin, whether for fear of waking the others, or because Karn had some feelings left for Belvin. When the charm person spell wore off, Belvin had to figure out what to tell the others about the missing captives (and missing magic leather armor).

Once the events of the night had been thoroughly discussed, the group decided to forego hunting down the bandits in favor of attempting to locate the goblins who had captured Jorje and were keeping the town of Arich enslaved. The next morning they headed back to the main road, reaching it just east of The Notch, and turned east, hoping to reach the Happy Halfling soon. Which they did, but the tavern had been reduced to a burnt-out ruin.

Euha noticed some tracks and dried blood on the side of the road, and the group decided they must have found some tracks from the goblin raid that had been defeated outside of the Galloping Pony. They followed the tracks north of a small lake and into some trees. As they crossed a small stream, Alec’s keen eyes spotted a goblin archer hiding in the trees. Soon another was spotted hiding in some nearby bushes. Alec then crept forward and rushed the goblin in the bushes, killing him with a perfect sneak attack [goblin #1 killed]. The group then made short work of the archer who was on a nearby hill [goblin #2 killed].

After a short search Alec discovered a hidden trap door that led to an underground tunnel. Seeing no goblin in the room below, the group quietly entered the tunnel where they quickly encountered a goblin guard, but were able to overpower him easily [goblin #3 killed]. The noise drew a second goblin from a nearby room, and he too was killed [goblin #4 killed].

The group then carefully made their way around a maze of passages, eventually finding a closed door. Upon opening the door they found themselves face to face with two goblins. In the tight quarters only one group member could engage the goblins, and so Euha worked his way to the front where he struck down one goblin [goblin #5 killed]. The remaining goblin suddenly stopped and disappeared into the room where the party heard a door slam.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

5 goblins killed – 500xp

That’s only 125 each, I’m sorry to say, which added to your 3,718 gives you now 3,843 xp.


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