3Oaks #18: Down the goblin hole

Real-world date: June 21, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 20th

Moon phase: 6 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Dry, windy and hot.

The party had been fighting two goblins in a small room at the end of some twisty passages in the newly discovered goblin lair when after killing one, the other turned and fled. Entering the room the party discovered another door, which was now locked. They discussed strategy and then decided to open the door and pursue the fleeing goblin.

Alec managed to pick the lock [successful lock pick] and the party entered another passageway that doubled back on the one they had come through. Belvin discovered that the passageways had arrow slits between them, but luckily the party seemed to have caught the goblins unaware and the arrow slits had not been used. The party went onward.

As they reached one corner with a door at the end, they encountered two goblins. They quickly dispatched one, and the other fled [goblin #1 killed]. Soon they reached an oaken door which they could not open. Behind the door they heard goblin voices. Butterchin attempted to intimidate the goblins, but instead the goblins taunted the party. But the taunts grew on each side of the door until one of the goblins became enraged and threw the door open, revealing a short hallway with a stone door at the other end, and three angry goblins inside. The battle was fast and furious, and soon all three were dead, with the party receiving minor damage [goblins 2,3 and 4 killed]. Upon reaching the end of the hallway, Alec was unable to open the stone door. Beyond the stone door they heard the sound of several goblin voices speaking. Among the words they could make out were the words “kobold” and “murderers”

A sudden pounding was heard behind the group and Butterchin went back to investigate. He discovered that the door they had passed through earlier was now closed and he was unable to budge it. It sounded like it was being nailed shut from the other side. The party returned to the area of the small passage and stone door. Another oaken door was just past the passageway, but Alec was unable to open this one too. For the moment the party was trapped between three doors.

Soon the party heard deeper voices speaking in goblin and suddenly the door was thrown open, revealing two hobgoblins and a goblin archer. Alec attempted to tumble past the hobgoblins to flank the archer, but stumbled and ended up in the middle of an intersection of three hallways, flanked by the two hobgoblins to his right and left, and facing the archer. That’s when the fun began.

Alec survived his round exposed in the hallway, and fell back into the corridor with the rest of the party, closing the door behind him. After a moment the group decided to open the door and throw in the vial of sleeping gas they had recovered in the guest room of the kobold lair. Unfortunately Alec dropped the vial right on the threshold of the door and it knocked out Butterchin and Euha, as well as one of the hobgoblins. Belvin managed to escape the fumes, and Alec managed to hold his breath long enough to get out of the range of the fumes. As the hobgoblins began to advance, Belvin fired a sleep spell, which knocked out another hobgoblin and one goblin. Alec then managed to awaken Euha and Butterchin.

As the gas dissipated the party engaged the goblins and hobgoblins. The battle was surprisingly one-sided and soon the party had wiped out a party of three hobgoblins and two goblins.

At this point the session ended for the night.

Total experience:

6 goblins killed – 600xp

1 lock picked – 100xp

3 hobgoblins killed – 450xp

That’s a total of 1,150 xp, or only 288 each, which added to your 3,843 gives you now 4,131 xp.

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