3Oaks #21: How’s a girl like you get to be a warlock like that?

Real-world date: October 4, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 21th

Moon phase: 6 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Rain, cooling temps.

When the session began the group had just finished healing up from their (undocumented) encounter with goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. After healing the group decided they had not used up too much of their powers to continue on, and so they began to move forward to see if they could locate and rescue Belvin’s brother Jorje.

Finding a locked door at the end of the hall, they decided to pound on it for some reason. This sent a resounding boom down the hallway. Upon finally unlocking the door, when it was opened a dense mist began flowing from the room into the hallway. The group decided to head back down the hallway to another door, which they were able to open without any trouble. Inside they found a lot of paperwork (most in common) and a terrified unarmed goblin. After attempting to get the goblin to answer some questions, a second door in the room was opened and a second goblin, this one armed, rushed in only to get quickly killed. They then returned to attempting to get the first goblin to tell them where the prisoner cells were. Eventually the goblin drew them a crude map.

As this was going on, a loud knock came on the door, and a voice in goblin demanded entry. After trying to get the captured goblin to fool the knocking intruder, the group decided to open the door. Outside the door a large hobgoblin looked inside, then suddenly grabbed the captured goblin and pulled him outside. This led to a short battle where Alec found himself mostly in the way. By the time Alec got moved out of the doorway, the hobgoblin decided to run away, fleeing through the mist back into the previously opened, but unentered door. Which he slammed shut.

The group again made their way to the door at the end of the hallway and opened it, revealing a room full of dense mist, which began flowing out into the hallway and dropping in the room. Suddenly a bolt of blue energy came streaking down the hallway striking Butterchin and doing significant, but not fatal, damage. Just as suddenly the entire room turned pitch black. The group decided to fling a couple of vials of alchemist’s fire into the room. The second one must have hit something because a shriek of pain from a female throat broke the silence. Immediately after that the room’s darkness disappeared and the group found themselves looking at two large orcs and a young lady in red and yellow robes. The orcs advanced to flank the doorway and Belvin fired off a sleep spell which put the orc on the left side of the door down. Taking their chance, the group entered the room, taking more blue energy bolts from the young woman.

Inside the room the group quickly dispatched the second orc with a devastating scorching ray from Belvin. Turning towards the girl, the group suddenly was surprised when a halfling crawled out from under the sleeping orc. The girl immediately turned and fled out a door on the left side of the room. Another door was open directly across from the door the group had entered through.

The battle with the halfling did not take long, but as he fell more blue streaks of energy hit the group from the open hallway. As Euha and Belvin chased after the girl, they were hit by spears thrust through the wall by hidden goblins, felling Belvin.

As the goblins battled the group, the girl hid and returned several times, firing her blue bolts of energy. As she distracted the group a pair of goblins entered the room with healing potions and attempted to revive the down halfling. Both were killed as they tried to save the halfling, and as the girl rushed the room to try to distract the team, she too was finally cut down.

Belvin was then revived and the group began the dreary task of looting the bodies.

Total experience:

2 locks picked – 100 xp

6 goblins killed – 600xp

1 hobgoblin killed – 150xp

2 elite orcs killed – 600xp

1 warlock killed – 900xp

1 spellthief killed – 900xp

That’s a total of 3,250 xp, or 813 each, which added to your 5,169 gives you now 5,982 xp. Next level up is at 6,000 xp.

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