3Oaks #22: Chthul Who? Is that a trademark violation?

Real-world date: October 18, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 22th

Moon phase: 7 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Rain, cooling temps.

The session began with the group again needing to rest and recover after their battle with the spellthief, warlock and goblins. The group made their way back to the room where they had encountered the bureaucrat. There they posted watch while the sleeping members of the group snoozed away in the back room.

During the night they twice heard heavy boots going down the hall, but did not investigate.

In the morning they made their way back to the same room they had battled the spellthief and warlock. Upon opening the door, they were hit with a blast of fire which caught Euha, but Alec managed to avoid damage. Looking in the room they saw a large goblin-looking humanoid. Also in the room they noticed the bodies of the spellthief and warlock had been placed on the stools and propped up against the wall.

Euha decided to immediately throw a vial of alchemist’s fire into the room, but this provoked an initiative roll and the large “goblin” charged the door where he and Euha were immediately engaged in melee. Butterchin, realizing that this was not a tactical advantage for the group, bullrushed Euha and managed to push both Euha and the goblin-thing into the room.

Immediately the rest of the group entered the room and attempted to surround the goblin-thing. Suddenly the goblin-thing morphed into a large dog-like creature with vicious fangs and long dagger-like claws. Belvin nailed him with a magic missile, and the monster took one good bite at Euha, before focusing his attention on Belvin. In the next round the monster attempted to bull-rush Euha, but failed. Belvin got another magic missile hit on the monster which just refocused his attention on Belvin. Several times the party managed to hit the monster, but with little visible effect from their normal weapons. Belvin used his most potent spell, scorching ray, but only managed to knock rock chips from the ceiling.

Instead of a bull rush, the monster managed to take a five-foot step which gave it direct access to attack Belvin, which he did, doing serious damage. Alec by this time had managed to flank the monster but was unable to do significant damage. On the next round the monster again raked Belvin with is claws, and Belvin fell to the floor, unconscious and bleeding.

Butterchin abanded the offensive and rushed to Belvin’s side, risking a potentially deadly attack of opportunity from the monster, but luckily the monster missed. Butterchin successfully healed Belvin. Alec managed to get a successful sneak attack blow, which caused the monster to wheel and chomp down on Alec, sending him also to the floor, unconscious and bleeding.

Belvin, being healed, now fired a scorching ray which hit the monster, hurting it badly. But again the monster raked Belvin with its claws, and again Belvin went down. But the damage had been done, and two blows from Euha and Butterchin, and the monster was finally subdued. The party immediately healed Belvin and Alec.

After killing the large dog-like monster, the party then continued to seek the prison area to rescue Jorje. They entered a room with two armed goblins, but quickly dispatched them. They turned out to be prison guards who had the keys to the cells, which were behind a door Alec found and opened.

Other than Belvin falling into a trapped pit, falling on top of his brother Jorje, the rest of the session was all about rescuing the prisoners and exiting the goblin lair.

At this time the party had the following experience points:

Total experience:

2 goblins killed – 200xp

1 semi-greater barghest killed – 1,800xp

That’s a total of 2,000 xp, or 500 each, which added to your 5,982 gives you now 6,482 xp. That’s enough to reach level 4.

So, we’ll need to work out your level four advancement, including hit points, new spells, etc. We can do most of that through email, or during pauses in the action of the other campaigns.

For the sake of simplicity and to allow these characters to be used in new campaigns with other DMs, I am going to allow them to have reached ThreeOaks with no additional encounters (they had pretty much wiped out everything between here and ThreeOaks anyway, so that’s more than plausible). When you get back to ThreeOaks you are no doubt going to be able to identify all of your remaining magic items. Plus you will be getting rewarded for your heroism. Here’s your loot that I kept track of:

“Wand of Dancing Lights” – 12 charges left.

Ring with scratch on it – “Ring of Sword Attraction” – cursed.

5 +1 arrows

The dagger you got from the bandit chief is a +1 dagger.

The white metal ring you got from the archer is a Ring of Accuracy, which gives a +1 to bow attacks (bows only)

The leather armor you took from the bandit leader, but which he stole back, was +1 leather armor.

The two daggers you got from the spellthief are masterwork daggers

The sheaths sewed into the spellthief’s leather armor are “Sheaths of Keenness”. They give daggers a +1 to hit on the first attack in any single encounter, if they are drawn from the sheaths at that time.

The wand you took from the spellthief is a “Wand of Fog” it works at Caster Level 3 and holds 23 charges.

The ring you took from the spellthief (I forget what color it was) is a “Ring of Sneak” and gives +2 to hide and +2 to move silently.

Oh, the spellthief also had 50 feet of silk rope and a small grappling hook, I assume someone (Alec?) would want that.

The ring the warlock was wearing is a much sought-after “Ring of Protection +1” so you’ll have to fight over who keeps that.

The warlock was also carrying a masterwork dagger.

It is likely that I missed something, so if you end up with something that your character has, and don’t know what it is, let me know and I’ll figure it out. My notes got kind of all messed up and I’m not sure I kept track of everything I should have.

Now, when you get back to ThreeOaks, you are treated as heroes. They mayor throws a huge party for you. The local police captain gives you 25 gold pieces, which was the complete fund for kobold scalps. Bleerfurgin (do you even remember him?) attends the party and gives you each a potion of invisibility. The mayor gives you 50 gold pieces apiece, and apologizes that he can’t afford more. The captain of police takes Alec aside and informs him that the town wants to apologize for any “misunderstanding” that may have happened when they brought him in for questioning.

You are given a week’s free food and board in the town. At which point the town will forget about you and everything will return to normal.

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