The Light Box…

So I was cruising the Paizo Gaming Miniature message boards and came across a post where someone had posted instructions to make a light box so that you could take pictures of miniatures without harsh shadows. It looked simple and I had the parts laying around so I just made one. It’s small though. But big enough for the vast majority of miniatures.

For mine I added a couple of “wings” made of aluminum foil stretched over cardboard. That way I can use a single light and get a pretty good coverage from top and two sides. I don’t have three small lamps I can use the way the original light box said to. And this seems to work OK so far.

Whattya think? Took me about 20 minutes to make. Most of that was cutting the cardboard for the windows. It’s basically just a cardboard box with the top and sides cut out, and the front cut off. The top and sides then had some tissue paper glued across the holes to allow diffuse light to enter the box. The “wings” on the side reflect light from above onto the sides so that there is light coming from three sides.

Was a simple thing, and has already come in handy.


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