Getting organized… I hope

So, after going on my mini-making binge and making a dozen 12×24 inch foam trays to hold the hundreds of minis I’ve made, modified or just painted…

I finally decided it’s time to clean up the mess in here.

And I do mean mess. I wouldn’t take a photo because it would be too humiliating. I’ve got minis all over the room, half a dozen different kinds of epoxy putty, a veritable hobby shop full of craft supplies…paints, brushes, glues, tools, trays…

Anyway my terrain making supplies have mostly been in plastic bags where I’ve just grabbed some of what I need and then close up the bag again, only to find a few days later that my wonderful little pebbles are now creeping out onto the carpet…

So, besides clearing several boxes of junk out of the room, I’m trying to re-organize the room at the same time by putting all my stuff in some sort of logical order. Tools together, paints together, epoxy together, supplies … etc..

It’s a Herculean undertaking. It may take me a couple days.


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