Origami for gaming…

I posted a photo (not a very good one I admit) of an origami dragon I made and saturated in varnish to make it sort of plasticized. I’ve got six or seven of them of either large or huge size. I could make a medium sized one but it’s a pretty complex origami fold to do that small.

So I’ve been thinking about other origami I could do that would make for decent gaming miniatures. In spite of my dragons I think that it’s a rare origami pattern or origamist who can make monster or character minis. I’ve seen some awe-inspiring spiders and horses and such from wet-folding origami masters, but at this point in my life that seems to be beyond my skill level, so I was looking at other things that might work.

So for our last gaming session I made a bunch of origami tables that I was able to use in game and which worked just fine. A little varnish on them and they’d be plasticized and probably last as long as any other tables. I’ve got some books with origami patterns for bookshelves, chairs, boxes, chests, etc. All of those seem like decent candidates for gaming, and coincidentally that’s a major area where my current mini collection is pretty weak. It seems that with a bit of cleverness I could make a bunch of origami siege engines, wagons, carts, treasure chests, boats, canoes, even some simple trees or bushes. Maybe my silverized origami paper could even be put to use for making mirrors… If I can get some time to fiddle around with some paper, I’ll post some photos here.


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