Or… “more origami” anyway..

Here’s some stuff I’ve been playing with (you’ll see me using the word “origami” a lot in ways that seem redundant, but that’s for the search engines’ benefits):

The origami chairs need a bit of work, but I’ve got two other chair patterns I can use too. This one is just the sturdiest. The origami table isn’t bad, really. I’ve got quite a few of these I folded on the flight to and from Atlanta…

Surprisingly good origami desk, really. I really need that wood-grained folding paper… Especially if I can get it wood grained on both sides. The desk isn’t all that sturdy, but how sturdy does it have to be? Again, lots of these folded…

Another simple pattern for origami beds. Not real sturdy. Well, the pink one in front is, but the other two aren’t. I will probably end up dunking most of these furniture bits into varnish, which makes the paper real sturdy, almost like plastic.

An origami eagle. This one is too big, but I can make ’em smaller.

A different origami dragon pattern. I might like this one better than the one I’ve been folding for years.

And another origami dragon… This one seems a bit too cute, but it will serve I suppose…


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