I am a dirty cheater…

Not intentionally, but that hardly matters to the outcome…

So in D&D you have a bewildering variety of bonuses that can be applied to attack or damage rolls. Those could be “feat” or “power” or “luck” or “enhancement” or about a dozen different types of bonuses. The thing is, that like bonuses don’t stack. So if you have two “power” bonuses, then you only gain the benefit of the greater bonus.

Well, this weekend Kataar, my legendary ranger in fourth edition D&D, was in an encounter where multiple bonuses were in play. I did not check to make sure that none of the bonuses stacked. Some of them did. To make a long story short, I gave Kataar a +4 more than he should have had on one turn and a +2 more than he should have on a couple more turns. And that meant at least one, and probably more, “hits” that should have been “misses.”

I am ashamed…


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