Dragons, dragons, dragons…

Well, I apologize for the long time between posts lately. Been busy.

One thing I’ve been doing is making copies of a dragon miniature I have. I made a mold of the nine separate parts of the dragon and have been casting copies busily. So far I have seven copies of the dragon, two in clear resin, three in white plastic and two in beige resin. I’ll post a photo tonight.

The casting process is difficult, and I’ve not yet had a perfect cast. I need some less viscous casting material so that I can get it to flow into all the nooks and crannies of the mold. I ordered some “super low” viscosity casting fluid last night, so in a week or so I hope to have some more complete casts. However, I have been patching up the casts so that I can make workable dragons and as I said, I have seven of them now. I intend to paint them different colors, or in the case of the clear ones, to make ice dragons out of them. Mostly for the ice dragons I’m just going to do a very slight blue wash and then some very light white drybrushing to try to bring out the details while not obscuring the clear resin. I’ve tried that before with an ice troll and the results were horrible, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do a slightly better job this time.

I did finally replace the battery in my camera so I have no excuse any longer for not taking photos… Will post some tonight.


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