Three Shaes…

One of the things that inspired me to attempt to sculpt my own minis was a free .pdf sculpting guide that followed the sculpting of this figure, then known as “Shae Half-Elven,” sculpted by one of my favorite miniature sculptors, Steven Buddle. It was out of production for a long time and I eventually actually found Mr. Buddle’s email address and asked him if he knew where I could find one, and he directed me to a Reaper pack of three “classic” females. I hadn’t found it before because the name “Shae” wasn’t in the name. So I bought it and then a week or so ago I decided to make a mold and cast some copies to play with some different painting options.

Unfortunately the face does not cast well, and virtually every one had a big bubble, meaning her face came out as an actual void. I cast about ten copies and on all but two I had to completely resculpt the face from scratch (and I’m obviously no Steven Buddle), and on those two where I didn’t have tocompletely resculpt, I still had to deal with a missing nose and lip or two… And all of them also had bubbles or voids in other places, and the mold deteriorated a bit as I cast so bits and pieces of the mold broke off or pulled out so that I had to cut off growths and protrusions…. So suffice it to say my little experiment in making lots of copies of a favorite mini didn’t work out too well.

Still, I’ve done the resculpting on them now, as poorly as it is done, and I intend to go ahead and paint them all, and then from what I learn, I’ll finally paint the original.


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