Mini collection re-evaluation…

I have addressed my tendency to develop obsessions on subjects here on this blog (and on other blogs I have). I think the contents of this blog do a pretty good job of demonstrating the real-world impact of my pursuit of my obsessions.

When I started this blog I had just decided to seriously address a major weakness of my role-playing gaming hobby. That weakness was a severely limited collection of miniatures, a collection that even as limited as it was had a lot of very crappy homemade miniatures to round out the need for goblins, kobolds, ogres, etc… Roughly half of my 75 or so miniatures were miniatures I had quickly thrown together a day or so before their need to participate in a particular encounter, and which were little more than stick figures painted just enough to provide a decent alternative to using glass beads or pawns (or even origami figures).

I think I’ll post some photos of my original kobolds and/or goblins to give an idea of the level of quality of my original “miniatures.”

A large motivation for my desire to improve my miniature collection was the fact that one of my gaming buddies had a pretty good collection which included most of the commonly needed “factions” for the level of characters we normally played. That usually meant goblins, ogres, trolls, hobgoblins, etc..

When I started up a campaign again I decided that this time I would have decent miniatures, instead of the crappy ones I had used in the past, and that I would have ENOUGH decent miniatures that I wouldn’t have to resort to “here’s an orc. Here’s a bunch of glass beads that are the same as that orc” solutions.

Add to that the request at one point if I had any dragons that another GM could borrow, a request I was unable to fulfill since my entire dragon miniature collection at that time consisted of two Sculpey clay red dragons I had made myself, and one green dragon I had purchased as part of a set of miniatures from Wizards of the Coast. The result was a desire to expand my collection to satisfy just about any reasonable need for game play, with a specific focus on having any dragon I might need or someone else might want to borrow.

At that time I had roughly 75 miniatures, with about 30 of them being my crappy homemade ones.

That was back in May of this year. So roughly six months ago.

My miniature collection is now roughly 1,500 miniatures, so I have essentially expanded my collection by 20-fold. And even the crappiest of the newly added minis is generally far superior to the homemade miniatures I had been making in the past.

So this last weekend I pulled out all of my foam trays and reviewed my miniature collection. I had been amassing miniatures at such a prodigious rate that I had quite honestly lost track of what I had collected.

Now I have a pretty good ide of what my collection entails, and I must admit that I am pretty well satisfied with the state of things. Here’s a quick high-level rundown of my collection as of today.

First, dragons. I now have as many dragons as I started with miniatures. That means I’ve got about 75 dragons now. I have focused mostly on chromatic dragons, but I do have a fair number of metallic dragons as well. In general if you need a white, red, green, blue or black dragon from medium to colossal size, I can provide one (or more). I’ve also got some non-traditional chromatic dragons too, such as purple, multi-colored, multi-headed and even crystal dragons. I’ve got less than a dozen metallic dragons though, so probably at some point in the future I’m going to embark on expanding my metallic dragon collection. For now though I feel pretty good about my dragons.

I’ve got at least four, and at a stretch as many as six separate human armies I can field, each with at least 40 soldiers. In general those break down to be infantry and bow/crossbow soldiers, but I’ve got a few mounted soldiers as well. Generally these are useful as guards, especially in campaigns set in situations where different geopolitical factions are at war, like my current campaign. Since they are color-coded and have distinctive armor designs, I can put a group of soldiers on the game table and the players will know instantly whether they are friendly or enemy soldiers.

I’ve got multiple sets of dwarves, elves, undead, goblins, orcs and kobolds, so I can even have factions within the orc or goblin realm. On top of that I’ve got a decent set of hobgoblins, ogres, lizard men, troglodytes or other low to mid-level common cannon fodder for adventurers. I could put an army of 70 orcs/goblins into play if I wanted to.

I’ve got several less-common factions pretty well supported, such as yuan-ti, ape-men, devils, demons, beast-men, were-men, mythological creatures, elementals, and plant-folk.

And I’ve got several animals such as rhinos, lions, tigers, bears, hawks, eagles, alligators, lizards, spiders, vermin, etc… I’ve even got a pretty nice collection of dinosaurs, both full-sized and smaller versions that I’ve used to create custom monsters.

And then there are the custom monsters. Right now I’d say that about fifteen percent of my collection are completely unique monsters that I’ve created just because I like to make up stuff. That includes things like zombie dinosaurs, tentacled serpents, hybrid spider things, etc… Last night I wrapped up a giant flying snake thingy, just becuase I had some extra epoxy putty from another effort I was working on and didn’t want to waste it.

Even though my acquisition of miniatures has slowed to a trickle, I am still fiddling around with things. In the past week I’ve probably made a dozen new miniatures including a gold dragon, a creepy tentacled thing, the flying snake, another troll, another horned flying devil, a set of fungoid soldiers….

Dunno where this is gonna end up, but I suspect it might end up on an episode of “Hoarders” one day…


2 thoughts on “Mini collection re-evaluation…

  1. What’s amazing is that this is only one of my obsessions… Good thing I don’t watch TV or I’d have no time at all…

    Yuan-ti…. OK, I’ve got a couple of WoTC minis (basic sword-wielding Yuan-ti as I recall), several MageKnight snake-creatures who work just fine as Yuan-ti and then about half a dozen Yuan-ti that I have sculpted myself. So in total, probably at least a dozen yuan-ti minis, most of which are dual sword, sword and board or archer yuan-ti. I think I might have a couple of casters too…

    Whatcha need?

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