Horned Devil 2

Here’s a second horned devil, made much the same way as the first one, but I did reposition the arm and used halloween bat wings on this one instead of making my own wings out of foam and wire like I did on the first one. In game play this one would be junior to the one with the bigger wings.

Oh, and this one has a tail:

These are fun to make, but my troll mold has just about been worn out. I’ve made about ten total trolls from the mold, and I made the mold too thin so each casting has torn a bit more out, so much so that the left arm won’t even cast anymore, nor the right hand, as you can see from this image of a raw cast where I’ve had to sculpt the hand and arm. This is very raw, but it’s coming along. At least the whole face cast on this one…

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