Too many posts?

Hmm…. I need to get more consistent with my posting. Since our main family camera vanished a month or so ago, I’ve been unable to keep my old cheap camera in my desk, so I can’t just snap a photo when I want to. I could use my phone or webcam, but they suck for any sort of detailed photo, so I have been using the decent older camera which has now been pressed back into service as the main camera.

So, last night I finally hunted it down and took a bunch of photos of the stuff I’ve been doing lately, and posted them, meaning I added several posts in one evening.

It occurs to me now that may not be a smart way to add content to the site. It may be that casual observers (all three of them) might only see the first post and not even realize there are multiple new posts below that one…

So in the future I think I’ll try to spread the posts out so that it’s not so much feast or famine….


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