Arg… miserable failure…

I was gonna make a rock wall out of… well… rocks. I figured I could use some epoxy putty as “mortar” to hold the rocks together.

Major disaster. The putty stuck to my fingers much more than to the rocks, so every time I tried to add a new rock, I pulled the whole mess apart and had to stick everything together again…

So finally abandoned the rock wall idea but then I had this significantly large lump of epoxy putty. This stuff ain’t cheap, I sure as heck wasn’t throwing it away. So I made a bunch of skulls, some bodies for my flyng vampire snakes and some gravestones and graveyard paraphernalia… It’s all curing now, I’ll take a pic tomorrow.

Maybe it wasn’t a total waste…. feels like one though…


5 thoughts on “Arg… miserable failure…

  1. On your other blog it is possible to browse comments at a central location / sidebar. Would be helpful here too, I think… unless it already is the case here and I just don’t see it.

  2. My other blog is a custom wordpress install on a privately hosted website. I’ve got a lot more leeway on how to configure the site since I can literally modify the wordpress configuration files directly (which isn’t a problem, they encourage you to do stuff like that). This blog is hosted on a wordpress farm and I am limited to what wordpress “out of the box” allows me to do.

    I have not exploreda all the available themes though. I’ll check it out. I have to admit to a reluctance to change the theme since the lead picture above has to be custom scaled and sized to fit, and it’s not easy getting a section of the map that looks halfway decent without cutting words in half or having just a fraction of a woodland area so that it looks like some error etc…

    But I hear you, I have been annoyed by this as well.

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