Next “terrain” item decided

OK, on my way in to work this morning I decided that once I finish the nine or so remaining tables I want to finish, my next set of simple, modular, portable “terrain” items will be chests of drawers.

My current plan is to use a combination of wooden coffee stirrer sticks and some foam-core poster board. The poster board will form the front and back of the chest while the sides and top will be the wooden coffee stirrer sticks. Then for the drawers themselves I’ll just use short segments of the sticks with a bead glued on for drawer handles. The end result should look from the front like the whole thing is made out of wood (I hope) since the drawers will cover 90% or so of the poster board. The back shouldn’t matter since it would be up against a wall most of the time.

Should be a snap to make a bunch of these very quickly.


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