Latest terrain list…

This is really just a way for me to keep track of my current terrain construction and plans for future terrain. I probably shouldn’t use this blog as a notebook or “to do list” but, hey, it’s handy.

Here is the “terrain” I currently have:

The big palace. I currently have two floors complete, meaning I need to complete the third floor and the observatory which sits on the roof.

Three 8×10″ terrain “modules” which have rocks, hills, pillars, foliage, etc. I’ve used these in a campaign already and they work very well. I intend to make more of them.

A dozen or so trees. These trees are from a set for model railroad terrain. They work beautifully for RPGing as well, but they are a bit top-heavy so I might glue them to a metal base to make them less likely to fall over. I will probably make more trees, I have materials enough to make dozens of them. I might even paint some fall colors… or flock them with snow… I am also planning on hitting all the Christmas stores when Christmas is over to buy some trees that are used for Christmas displays. Those are essentially identical to the model rairoad ready-to-use trees, but about half the cost, and I suspect they will be half price after Christmas, meaning I should be able to get a bunch of trees for a buck or so apiece. Those Christmas displays also have some other usable elements like sleds, carriages, shacks, etc…

A big “Devils Tower” sort of rock “hill” which can be used by itself or placed on one of the modular terrain elements.

A fairly detailed 8×8″ “ruins” terrain element which is intended to be a bandit hideout and which provides some real 3D tactical combat opportunities. I haven’t yet used this in a campaign, but it will be used in our next session.

Lots of tables
Lots of chests of drawers
Lots of barrels of various sizes.

Here is what I am working on:

Stone walls (natural and blocks)
Treasure piles
Gravestones and tombs
Lamp posts
Braziers and fire pits

What else should I be working on?


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