Paint your wagons!

… or varnish them, if you prefer. Here are three types of wagons I’m making. I’ve made two “small”, three “standard” and one “big” wagon so far. They are very easy to make. I use some thin craft sticks, some wooden toy wheels and a bag of little wood chips with four different sized rectangles. I’ve got the wagon making process down to a science, so I can make all I want. I’m not sure I need more than six though…They will definitely do for now.


5 thoughts on “Paint your wagons!

  1. Thanks, I thought about bringing a couple just to show, but I don’t want to use my gaming groups as guinea pigs for my miniatures all the time, I’m sure it gets tiresome.

    I have made a couple more since posting that, and I have a better approach to the “large” wagon which ends up sturdier and straighter. But I am now using straight wooden disks for the wheels since the wooden disks are a lot cheaper and still look like wheels to me.

  2. I am always willing, even eager, to try out your stuff in a session. Bring them along! Speaking of which, do you have any primitive huts lying around? How about giant hive-looking-inspired that giant insectoid people might inhabit? Or how about primitive mud huts?

  3. I’ve got the woodland cottage which I’m pretty sure you recall.

    Hmm… mud huts… how big? mud huts seem like they would be something the hydrocal might be good for… Hive thingies? How big are the insectoid beasts? Small? Medium? Large?

    Give me ideas, I’ll see what I can come up with.

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