First Hydrocal casting effort

So I mixed up a small batch of Hydrocal and made a quick clay mold of a pile o’ skulls, plus I poured some Hydrocal into an existing miniature mold (of a mushroom man) and a couple of non-game molds I had laying around. It’s “curing” now.

I put “curing” in quotes because it sure doesn’t seem to be curing. I just seems to be drying.

I was amazed how much Hydrocal I put in the water and how little the volume expanded. The mix ratio is 1/2 cup of water to 1 and 1/4 cup of hydrocal, and I think the end result is something like 3/4 cup of Hydrocal mix. If that.

It says “40 minutes to demold, but let it cure overnight for full curing” so after about an hour I tried to demold one of the molds and it just broke the piece. I left it in to continue to cure, hopefully I can demold it in the morning and it will have just the one break which I can glue back together. After another 30 minutes I demolded the miniature, with similar results, the base and an arm broke off.

I’m going to wait ’til tomorrow for the pile o’ skulls, and hopefully I can glue the broken minis back together.

Not a stellar beginning for my Hydrocal experiment I’m afraid to say… But to be fair the pieces I am molding are probably not the best things to make out of Hydrocal.

More tomorrow, with photos.


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