Tiny hut

I couldn’t get one photo which I liked so I’m just going to post two photos here. One shows the hut where you can see the green roof, the other has the green roof overexposed so you can see Shae inside the hut.

This is a tiny hut. The roof comes off so you can move minis around inside, but it’s still tiny, and the doorway is not quite high enough to move some of the larger human minis through, so you kinda have to move them through the roof when you move in or out.

Still, not bad for a first try, I think.

This thing is dirt simple to make. It’s just a bit of foam-core poster board, a panel from a tissue box for the floor and a bit of dollar store green foam sheet for the roof. I made the whole thing in about 30 minutes.

First I cut a long rectangle of foam-core poster board, then I just made a lot of parallel cuts through the first bit of paper and the foam, but not through the second bit of paper (sounds hard, but it was easy) and then I just rolled that like a roll-top desk into a circle, painted the inside of the cuts black, then spread some random black splotches all over it, and then painted everything brown with a bit of yellow mixed in. Then I glued it to the tissue box panel…

It’s not real sturdy, but I’ll probably spray it with matte sealer which should toughen it up a bit.

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