Hydrocal column

Here’s a hydrocal column. The source of this was a 3″ wedding cake plastic column. I like the sort of weathered look the Hydrocal has, although that worries me for other Hydrocal use. Basically some of the Hydrocal stuck to the inside of the silicon mold. I should probably use mold release.

The idea is that I can make tons of these columns and then use them to make temples or ruins or whatever…. I also made a couple of quick clay molds of one side of a column to make some broken “buried” columns for use as terrain. I haven’t painted those yet. Later. Still, I am pleased with this column even though it used up WAY too much of my mold material… Expensive columns, probably ten bucks worth of mold material just for this mold, and I can buy four of the plastic columns for four bucks…


3 thoughts on “Hydrocal column

  1. I’ve made four columns now (five counting the one that didn’t work, but gave me some nice “ruins” to work with) and I think I’ve got this Hydrocal thing figured out. When you mix it exactly right, it’s a pretty sturdy material. But if you don’t get it just right, the result is either powdery or crumbly, neither of which is very sturdy, but the crumbly result is pretty cool looking for ancient ruins…

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