Wizard’s bookshelves

Here’s a couple of bookshelves, and some bottles, maybe wine… All made from Sculpey clay.


3 thoughts on “Wizard’s bookshelves

  1. Thanks, I can’t decide if I like the open back or the closed back version better… The closed back is easier to make actually, the shelves tend to sag on the open back version.

    These were just tests to see if they would be easier than making them out of wood. I dunno…. they aren’t too hard to make, but I think if I had a better way to cut my wooden sticks, wood would be easeir.

    I’m using wire cutters to cut the wood and they really don’t “cut” the wood, they sort of crush it until it breaks, meaning it’s not a clean line. I could saw each one, but sawing is a pain. I need something that will cut wooden popsicle sticks like paper.

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