Coffins and tomb

I think I’ll make more of these…

Maybe some out of wood…


7 thoughts on “Coffins and tomb

  1. “Stone” is actually much easer to make since you can shape the Sculpey clay quite easily. To make a wooden coffin in the traditional coffin shape you end up having to cut tiny little wooden sticks on an angle through the grain, which tends to cause the sticks to splinter and break, so it’s just a pain. I’ll probably just stick to the clay and if I really want a wooden one, I’ll just score it and paint it to look like wood. I actually like the stone look better for some reason.

  2. Awesome coffins. So, hey, is your entire collection transportable? Because soon I’ll be wanting to pick over your stuff to use in my campaign.

    Next session, I think the huts at least. And the session(s) after I can see uses for much of the other as well. How do you feel about that?

  3. Let me try again…

    After contemplating my dozen or so 18×24″ foam trays full of miniatures, my handfull of modular terrain items that are roughly the size of a shoebox, Fort Pringles and the Rovell Palace… added to my boxes of WoTC cardboard gameboard units, several huts of various configuration and all of the terrain elements I’ve been addding lately… well…

    I’ve decided the only reasonable way to transport all of this is in a custom designed vehicle. Think of it as the “RV o’ Ultimate Gaming!”

    Picture this… Open the door of the RV to see the middle of the RV with a custom digital gaming table. The table has power and network connections and the RV has a router which can be tied into a home wireless network. There’s a bathroom on one end and a small kitchen with microwave and refrigerator on the other. The walls are custom designed to hold all of my miniatures and terrain elements. To play the game I drive it to the gaming location, tie into the local wireless, and open the doors to hours of intense high-quality role playing…

    Coming soon to a driveway near you…

  4. Heh.
    How do you feel about my poaching your hard work for another campaign? Would you rather hold the products of your labor to be unveiled in your own sessions? I could totally understand that.

  5. I don’t have any issue with you “poaching” my stuff. The goal is for it to be used in a game at some point, and my own campaign is currently at three sessions per year…. so it’s clear I am manufacturing miniatures and terrain at roughly ten thousand times the rate at which I could actually use them… So sure, whatever you want you are free to “poach.”

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