Castle building…

I posted a very early photo of “Fort Pringles” in an earlier post. I’ve made some progress on it since then (I’ll post a photo tonight). It’s starting to look like an actual castle.

The purpose of the castle is to provide a tactically interesting challenge to an adventuring party. In the campaign I am currently running I have decided that this “fort” is just one of several frontier forts that all are built to the same specifications by a very disciplined and orderly military. I intend to have the basic walls, gates, defenses and interior buildings be the same, with some add-on elements that might allow one physical model be used for multiple individual forts by adding the custom elements.

But for now it’s just the one fort. Currently I have the basic walls, battlements and corner towers pretty much complete and am working on the interior building(s). I expect to have the inner buildings be mostly two-story affairs with the upper stories removable so that you can see down into the lower floors. This also allows me to customize different forts by having different elements for different forts. For example, one fort will likely be a wizard keep fort, which will have a wizard’s tower (another Pringles tube probably). But the initial fort is going to be a simple interior building with a second floor.

Any ideas for how to improve this model would be appreciated (again, photos to appear later today).


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