Sigh…. took the plunge…

Well, after two or three fruitless weeks of searching high and low for a supply of the highly recommended and sought after dental plaster product for casting items, I have finally decided to take the plunge and have some shipped to me.

So basically I bought the most highly recommended product (called “Excalibur”) from Hirst Arts and am having 25 pounds of it shipped to me. The stuff cost roughly $30, but cost roughly $25 to have shipped, so in all it cost me over $50.

But in the end it will be better for my peace of mind because now I can stop going insane trying to find a local supply of the stuff. And I’m going through my Artplaster and Hydrocal much faster than I expected. I’ve used up about a third of them so far. And I’ve really only barely begun to start casting…


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