Some armies

I thought I had posted these already, but I guess I painted these before I set up this blog. So here are some armies I painted using a two-three color and then stain/varnish dip technique.

Blue army:

Elven army:

Orc army:

Red army:

Roman army:

Undead army:


2 thoughts on “Some armies

  1. That Roman Army looked, at first glance, like a Hobgoblin Army… Nice work, all around! The Dip is an army painter’s friend. It looks superb on the skellies. Cheers!

  2. These armies were the first time I used the “dip” method. I made several mistakes, and since I was doing hundreds of minis over a short period of time, I made the mistakes hundreds of times. The main things I learned are:

    1. Use a lighter dip than you think you will need. I don’t remember what I used, but it was a medium darkness. I thought it looked good immediately after dipping, but as the varnish actually dried, it got darker and settled even more at the bottom of the minis. By the time I realized that it was creating a grungy, muddy look on the bottom of items, it was too late.

    2. I should have gone back through and repainted all the bases black after painting the minis. I have too many places where the mini painting left streaks of other colors on the black base, and the original plastic bases look odd on the black wooden base. I put the wooden base on them because they were so much smaller than “standard” heroic minis of today.

    3. While I was quite proud initially of having painted almost 400 minis to usable gaming standards in a week, I now realize most of my minis have crappy paint jobs and it’s just not worth the effort to go back and repaint them all.

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