Prototype walls and door

Here’s a few examples of what I’ve been working on lately.

The walls are supposed to be rough outdoor stone walls. Not the sort that you build houses out of, but the sort that might be used as walls around a graveyard, or, in the case of the tall wall, perhaps even a fort.

I’ve been experimenting with a number of ways to create walls like this. The technique I’ve settled on, at least for now, is to use modeling clay and make a mold by creating two separate sides, then joining them together with separation between them the width of the wall. For each side I use actual small stones to press in the stone pattern. This gives a tremendous amount of detail. However, once you’ve created each separate side, the process of putting them together so you can create one solid two-sided wall is not easy. If you screw up and squish the sides into each other, you sometimes have to start over. But it’s not that hard, and it only takes a few minutes. To speed things up I created a couple of stone wall templates which are essentially one-sided walls (the other side is just flat) and I can use that to create a large area of stonework in just a few seconds.

The “broken” wall is just one that I did the normal way, then took a pencil and pushed a hole through it, which I then sealed up with clay to make the hole, and the broken down section was simply cut out with a clay cutting tool.

Then I mix up some plaster and pour it into the mold. Presto! Half an hour later, I’ve got a section of wall created. These are just representative examples of the walls I’ve made.

I’ve still got some issues, the edges are too sharp for example, but this seems like a way to make a whole lot of stone walls for dirt cheap and they look pretty good to me too. And using the higher quality plaster, and now the dental plaster I purchased, the end result is sturdy and extremely finely detailed.

The door is a prototype I made out of wood using my new wood nippers. I am considering using it to make a plaster mold in clay to make more doors.

This clay and plaster approach is really an amazingly flexible way to make lots of things very cheaply and very fast. I just haven’t had much time over the holidays to mess with it.

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